Ukrainians from IT in UK

To me, it is very much exciting seeing both quantitative and qualitative representation of Ukrainians from IT in the local British business. I am still amazed to this density of bright and open minds around me who may speak #Ukrainian same well as are capable of contributing an outstanding input to their companies’ success here in the UK!
Few weeks ago I had a pleasure meeting Ilona Melnychuk – AI/ML-domain product manager speaking French better than English yet speaking English way better than I do :)
Ilona is mega active in this city and aside of her career making has few meetups running on the permanent basis – one for the product managers looking for professional development and other for the runners – the Let’s Run London running group. Aside of these activities Ilona daydreams of tons of else things on how to make people lives better, so being a member I am sure her path will only be boosted up now in speed!
The picture is semi-AI reflection of what we both with Ilona lacked – some snow in LDN :)
Are you a Ukrainian in the Britain, ideally from the IT industry? You got to be at BRITUA, too then!

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