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Offshore Software Development in Belarus

Eastern Europe is becoming one of the top IT outsourcing destinations. Businesses all over the world chose to hire developers in Latvia, Ukraine, and Belarus. To understand why offshore software development Belarus is trending, let’s have an IT market overview.

Belarus’ Competitive IT Market

The IT sector in Belarus has experienced a remarkable growth rate of 8.14%, indicating the country’s steadfast dedication to advancing technology. The observed rise is not merely a numerical depiction, but rather encompasses a persistent endeavor for superiority, putting Belarus as a significant participant in the ongoing digital revolution.The IT industry in Belarus is characterized by a significant presence of 951 IT businesses, reflecting the dynamic and varied nature of this sector. 

The foundation of this ecosystem is a skilled workforce consisting of 40,000 proficient IT experts. These individuals serve as the creators and designers of novel ideas and advancements, carefully developing the digital landscape of Belarus and extending their influence beyond its borders. 

With a tech export value up to $856 million, the nation effectively demonstrates its expertise in developing solutions that have a significant impact on a worldwide level. Programming languages serve as the fundamental components of digital innovation, and within the context of Belarus, Java, .NET, and PHP, hold a prominent position. If you’re seeking cutting-edge tech solutions, partnering with a reputable software development company in Belarus can propel your projects to new heights.

Popular IT Hubs in Belarus

  • Minsk

Minsk, the vibrant capital of Belarus, is home to a thriving tech scene that balances innovation with opportunities for software development Minsk. Here in this thriving metropolis, the typical wage for a software engineer reflects the city’s technological prowess and reaches $4,700 per month. 

In this bustling tech landscape, you can find an array of exceptional talent, ranging from skilled iOS developer Minsk who can craft captivating mobile experiences, to versatile Java developer Minsk  who excel in building robust and scalable applications, as well as adept Android developer Minsk who bring innovation to the forefront of mobile app development, collectively forming a powerhouse of expertise to cater to your diverse software needs.

  • Homyel

Homyel is home to a growing number of talented IT professionals. Homyel’s average monthly income for aspiring software developers is roughly $713. Developers in Homyel, despite the city’s modest size, have made major contributions to the IT scene in Belarus. 

  • Hrodna

Hrodna is not only a place where the past and the present meet, but also the birthplace of technological advancements. The typical income for a software developer in Hrodna is $850. The city’s singular blend of ancient allure and modern ambitions fosters an atmosphere fertile for original thought.

  • Mogilev

Mogilev is forging a unique position for itself in the online world. Software developer Belarus in Mogilev may expect to make an annual income of $1,126 per month on average. This financial reward is a fitting acknowledgment of the city’s role in advancing technology in Belarus. 

  • Brest

In Brest, software engineers may expect to make a monthly income of $1,259. Brest’s IT community is vital to the city’s modern character since it mixes tradition with technical innovation. Brest’s large developer community demonstrates the city’s dedication to fostering digital transformation while maintaining its traditional values.

Pros and Cons of Belarus Software Outsourcing

Like any other country, outsourcing software development to Belarus has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the positive features;

  • The IT sector is full of startups, it is growing at great speed;
  • Belarus software outsourcing is powered by qualified education and a growing number of graduates. There are about 4,000 ICT graduates per year;
  • Software development outsourcing to Belarus is convenient for EU countries because of the similar time zones and easy traveling opportunities.
  • It is cheaper than hiring in-house specialists in the EU or US. Software outsourcing Belarus is much more affordable in terms of salary rates.
  • Software development companies in Belarus have similar work ethics and developers have good knowledge of English.

Now, let’s list the cons of offshore software development Belarus:

  • Belarus has convoluted and strict legislation as well as taxes for foreigners. For example, paying for foreign websites adds 35% tax for foreigners, which adds up to the cost of development services;
  • There is an unstable political situation now regarding the protests that resulted in issues with an internet connection, arrests of protesters, and locked borders.

Decoding Software Engineer Salaries in Belarus: Junior to Senior

  • Junior Software Engineers: The average starting compensation for these up-and-coming talents is $990 per month, which represents a significant investment in Belarus software development.
  • Middle Software Engineers: As they gain expertise in their roles as problem-solving cogs in the tech machine, they can expect a substantial pay of $1,109.
  • Senior Software Engineers: These trailblazers typically earn $3,408 per month, the industry’s best salaries. This sum recognizes their essential role in establishing Belarus’s modern technological infrastructure.

Reliable Partner for Belarus Software Outsourcing

Our expertise is international, stretching from Ukraine all the way to Belarus. We have the resources to put together the ideal team to bring your vision to life, whether it requires complex coding, offshore software development Belarus, or state-of-the-art web solutions.

Mobilunity’s impressive history supports our claim that we are dedicated to providing the best service possible. Together with our more than 40 clients worldwide, we’ve contributed to the launch of several best-sellers. Opting for eastern Europe developers offshore opens up a world of talent and innovation for your tech projects. We have an in-depth familiarity with the business world and a firm grasp of the intricacies involved in translating technological expertise into a marketable benefit. Mobilunity has an excellent team of professionals that will give possibility to hire offshore Ukrainian developers. We can find a perfect team exactly for your project, whatever it is.

Mobilunity is more than just a partner in the complex ecosystem of technological innovation; we’re the engine that drives your success. Whether you’re based in Ukraine, Belarus, or anywhere else, we’re here to help you find the best Belarus IT outsourcing developers and put them to work for your business.

Unlocking Tailored Excellence: Mobilunity’s Service Models

Each model is tailored specifically to meet the requirements of a specific market, and absolute quality is guaranteed. Our track record of satisfying customers shines in nations such as Croatia, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Albania, Peru, and Tajikistan. This framework connects lofty goals with practical actions, giving you access to the best possible personnel.

  • Dedicated Development Teams

The dedicated development team’s service model is the cornerstone of our company’s dedication to quality. Through this arrangement, customers can take charge of a dedicated employee who will eventually become a cornerstone of their project. The integration is beautiful because it allows our clients to maintain oversight of the development process even as they put their faith in us to handle their financial, human resources, and help desk needs.

  • Consultancy Services

We have developed a strategy for capitalizing on human potential with our consultancy services model. Part-time resources can be managed directly by clients, providing them with a beacon of hope on the road to achievement. We take care of the details like human resources, accounting, and help desk so that our clients may concentrate on the big picture.

  • Recruiting Services

Our Recruiting Services have become the go-to option in the competitive talent market. Our business is based on the recruiting-as-a-service concept, which means we provide our clients with an end-to-end answer when they need to fill a position on their team. One of our competitive advantages is that we can find and hire top talent both in Belarus and throughout Eastern Europe. 

Hire developers in other Countries

Access a world of talent and boost your team by recruiting expert developers from around the globe. Gain from a range of unique viewpoints and skills to propel innovation and development in your technology initiatives.

Ready to revolutionize your tech ventures? Dive into the realm of possibilities with Mobilunity’s offshore software development Belarus.

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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