10 Reasons to Choose Offshoring Development

Technology is a continuously evolving field and has become deeply immersed in our day to day activities. And with globalization, the IT industry has become one of the globally competitive and lucrative industries there is. In order to be part of this ever-growing industry, companies are now branching out overseas, either through outsourcing their business processes, or offshoring development projects of their company. Through this, these companies have engaged with the global market, sometimes by being able to hire offshore developer for their development projects.

Why Choose Offshore Software Development

There are numerous reasons why companies engage in offshore development services. Below are just some of the major reasons as to why this has been a lucrative and fruitful business tactic.

  • Lower Development Costs

Offshoring your development projects does away with setting up actual office spaces and the accompanying costs. These costs will then be reallocated towards communication and project management tools, which still costs a lot less – some are even free – than a physical office and working space, giving you an opportunity to save on development costs.

  • Avenue to a Global Workforce

In choosing to engage and collaborate with offshore software development companies, you will be introduced to a new avenue of hiring offshore software developers from all over the world. With this global workforce, you can now tap into a very diverse – culturally and skills-wise – pool of experts.

  • Engage in the Global IT Market

Collaborating with companies offering offshore software development services enables you to enter into the global IT market. With technology being immersed more and more into our everyday lives and continuously evolving, the tech industry is surely among the fastest growing and competitive market nowadays, and being able to be a part of it and having a share of that market can only be advantageous to you and your company in this technological age.

  • Business Expansion

Not only will you have the opportunity to participate and be involved in the evolving and competitive Tech market, collaborating with third-party companies for offshore application development or managing some of your business processes can also be an avenue to expand your business. This can be the case if your company intend to branch out into a field that is not in your company expertise or portfolio.

  • Business Optimization Opportunity

Offshoring some of your business processes can greatly help you and your company in that it helps you prioritize and focus on improving your core company skills and expertise; building upon the capacity of your workforce and further specializing in your field. This can also lead to optimizing your company processes for improved output.

  • Quality Development Output

Without the trappings and constraints of an established office, your offshore development team able to maximize their work and focus on your development projects. With careful planning and communication, quality development output can be assured, especially with expert and experienced offshore developers dedicated to achieving your development goals.

  • Efficient Development Timelines

With careful and collaborative planning with your development team, you can use the remote team dynamics and structure of your offshore development team to ensure that your project will be worked on round the clock. This system can go a long way into reducing development timelines, improved development output, and ensure quick response to development issues that will crop up. With this, you have a more efficient and effective development team for your development project.

  • Adaptability to Changing Needs

Due to the nature of remote work, offshore software developers have enough experience and skills to be adaptable and intuitive in their methods of working with diverse development projects. This can only benefit you and your company in that it will ensure that the team that you hire will be able to accommodate changes in project development and able to accept varied development projects.

  • Workforce Diversity

When you hire offshore developers for your development project, more often than not, these skilled developers are coming from various parts of the world all working towards achieving your goals for your development project. With this varied group of professionals come from different cultures and work ethics lending to a more diverse workforce for your company.

  • Diversity in Services Offered

When there is an existing collaboration or relationship between your company and offshore development services companies, you can now offer a wider range of services to your clients. Having your business expanded through offshore software development services, you now have a diverse portfolio of expert services to draw from and offer to your prospective clients and markets.

reasons to choose offshore development

Demand for Offshore Development Services

To have a better understanding of how sought after offshore software developers from Europe are, listed below are some of the top European countries and their average annual offshore software development rates by country:

It is evident from the list above that hiring offshore software developers, or collaborating with offshore software development companies, in Ukraine is the most cost-efficient solution for your project needs.


Why Hire Offshore Developers from Ukraine

To provide more details on the cost of hiring developers from Ukraine for offshore development projects, outlined below is the hourly rate of software developers with differing experience.


0-2 years$1,000$1,500$1,900
2-5 years$1,500$2,000$2,500
5-10+ years$1,800$2,400$2,800



In addition to skills and experience, cost of living also factor in the expense of hiring offshore software developers. According to Numbeo, in comparison to the cost of living in New York City, living in the UK is 24.15% less expensive, however, it is the least costly to live in Ukraine, being 74.02% less expensive. Besides providing the most cost-efficient development services, Ukraine has also continued to be a great source of expert IT professionals, offshore software developers included.

Because of its location, Europe, especially Ukraine, is strategically located and able to connect with clients on both sides of the hemisphere. Ukraine is also home around 90,000 IT professionals, all supported with a strong educational system, and continues to produce 15,000 IT graduates annually, on average. Due to this, Ukraine maintains to be among the European countries with the fastest growing number of IT-professionals. To add credence to the quality of developers in the country, in 2014, Ukraine ranked 4th on the list of countries with the amount of certified IT specialists all over the world.

cost of hiring offshore developers


Offshore Software Developers Are The Best Option

Hiring offshore software developers from Ukraine will definitely provide you with expert developers with enough experience to adapt and be intuitive in working with diverse development projects. A dedicated offshore development team from Ukraine will be the best solution to your development needs. Mobilunity can definitely provide this for you. With its diverse pool of expert and experienced dedicated developer teams and its established and proven team dynamics and work culture, Mobilunity can provide you with the dedicated offshore software development team that will be focused on achieving your development goals.

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Mobilunity can provide you with the expert dedicated offshore development team you need for your development project!

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