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Average Remote Software Developer Salary in Europe and the USA

Technology teams have enthusiastically embraced remote working around the world. Whether in Silicon Valley, Ukraine, or Western Europe, teams are using collaboration tools to work from anywhere with SW engineers. Tools for outstaffing, such as Slack and GitHub, make it easier than ever for entire teams to work remotely and collaborate effectively. The result is that a remote software developer salary has become a great indicator of hiring costs for many distributed teams. In this post, we will show you typical costs for many bespoke software development roles when hiring remote teams.

Dedicated Software Developers Model

In remote software developer salary considerations, many teams have turned to the dedicated software developers model. Under this approach, teams recruit SW engineers through an outstaffing vendor. The advantage of outstaffing is that costs are typically lower. Of course, outstaffing can cause its own problems, such as new logistics challenges and problems with coordination. But these are easy to tackle using electronic signature solutions. Such tools allow to digitize your paperwork, saving you time, money, and making the whole contracting process much more comfortable for all parties.

In North America, costs for technical talent are among the highest in the region. While clients in Silicon Valley can outsource to Texas or hire remote developers provides, remote web developer jobs salary is already high there too. Remote full stack developer salary Canada already approaches that seen in cities across the U.S. It is therefore a good time for companies to look further afield for talented SW developer.

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hire remote developers at lowest remote web developer salary

Remote software development Ukraine allows you to hire programmers around the globe where efficiencies can result in lower labor costs. Highly skilled SW developers in locations like Ukraine, Poland, and other locations, for example, can handle most of the requirements of Western teams. With dedicated software developers, you choose the level of service you require. For instance, you can start with a team of four SW developers for an MVP (minimally viable product). As your product grows, the outstaffing firm will assign you more Ukraine technology development professionals. This lets you grow your team according to the growth in your product, revenue, funding and other milestones. Dedicated developer salary costs are therefore responsive to your app needs.

Here is a look at some of the roles that are good for remote working, and how they can help your organization.

roles of remote software developers

Factors Affecting Remote Web Developer Salary

Web developer salaries are particularly high in the U.S., leading many teams to consider hiring talent abroad. The same pattern has led to the growth of distributed working arrangements across Europe and the rest of the world. When it comes to negotiating salaries, remote developers face some of the same market dynamics as in-office developers. Some companies look to the remote marketplace as a way to lessen overall offshore development teams costs. As a result, they would want to see significant cost savings when hiring SW developer abroad. When comparing the average remote software developer salary in Europe and the USA, incorporating Brazil software developers into the analysis reveals a competitive landscape, where talent from emerging markets contributes significantly to the global tech ecosystem.

On the other hand, other businesses recognize that getting top talent is hard regardless of your location around the world. These organizations, consequently, are willing to pay top dollar even for distributed teams. The combination of these factors means that there will be high variability between what employers are willing to pay. Even in the same city, for example, the same remote job title might be quoted very different salaries between companies.

remote vs in-house development team

Remote Programmer Salary Around the World

How Many Developers Are Working Remotely?

We took data from Stack Overflow’s 2017 Developer Survey on patterns of remote working among SW developers. The survey indicated that 7.39% of developers were working full-time remote around the world. There were others who worked remote some of the time. Only 6.63% of survey participants indicated that they never work remotely at their jobs. Significantly, the full-time remote web developer reported the greatest figures for job satisfaction. As remote working becomes more prevalent in development teams, the new possibilities for work arrangements could lead to higher happiness for developers.

remote developer rate

How Much Are They Getting Paid?

Based on data by Hired from 2017, the U.S. holds the highest rates for remote software engineer salary. The Hired 2017 State of Global Tech Salaries report indicated that many locations within the United States, among them San Francisco, had average programmer salaries in the six figures. The reported software development cost for developers is indicative of remote developer salaries in the survey participants’ location. To arrive at salaries for distributed team members, we assume that remote compensation is highly correlated with salaries for in-office staff. Some remote developers will make more than their in-office counterparts, while some will make less. Based on these assumptions, we charted the software salary data from Hired’s data as well as earlier StackOverflow data for Ukraine and other countries.

remote software engineer salary

The data shows considerable differences in network programming salary even within the same country. For example, in the U.S., San Francisco had the highest salaries at $134,000, according to the Hired data. Meanwhile, the Hired 2017 State of Tech Salaries report showed that Chicago had the lowest figures among the biggest U.S. cities, at $108,000.

While companies may be turning to remote working as a cost-saving tool, for talent, the situation is different. StackOverflow’s prior analysis of remote working indicated that working remotely put developers at an advantage. Such SW engineer was more likely to earn higher than average salaries for their skill type, compared to those who always worked in-office. The pattern held for the U.S., where remote developers earned 13% higher wages than average. For countries like Brazil and India, this pattern was even more pronounced. In these countries, the remote premium was 23.4% and 40.8%, respectively.

50% of Developers View Working Remotely as an Important Factor

When combined with the earlier finding that working remotely improved developers’ job satisfaction, the higher salaries are another benefit for developers. StackOverflow’s analytics have indicated that being able to work remotely is regarded favorably by 50% of developers.

Some employers find their advantages in daily office visits. But let’s look into this in a little more detail. What do we get when we need to work in an office five days a week? Many people simply cannot work at home and are constantly distracted. The office has a certain working atmosphere and a certain schedule that allows you to find a delicate balance between life and work. Is it good? Maybe. But this is only if the tasks of the employee really take all his working time and he does not just need to be in the office because there are such rules. What else? Not everyone likes graphics and prefers to work as they like. At the same time, the quality of work does not have to suffer and no one breaks the deadlines. Why go to the office every day if you can spend this time doing work tasks and be more joyful and efficient? The profession of a developer allows you to work from almost anywhere in the world, but some people still somehow try to limit themselves to any particular place in the form of an office. In fact, this is a rather controversial issue and it is necessary to consider not only the pros and cons of the employee himself but also for his employer.

So if you are looking for a remote software developer, it will be most convenient to use the software team augmentation service. Why? Firstly, it is much cheaper than hiring a new employee, especially if it is a high-class SW engineer with years of experience. Secondly, the integrity of your core team will not be compromised and no one will need to get used to the new working atmosphere. Augmentation is so useful because you can completely strengthen the project with new employees without any serious consequences for the company and just as quietly and without any changes remove the team from the project when it is completed or when their help will no longer be needed. Want to hire someone? Find programmers for rent and do not waste your energy on procedures related to bringing a new employee up to date, finding all the necessary conditions, and proficiency testing. Technology has advanced far enough in our time so that you can search for talents not only in your city or country but throughout the world. So why limit yourself if you can choose the most suitable set of skills from a specialist who perfectly closes your project?

importance of remote engineers

Outstaffing Salaries for Specialist Web Technologies

In addition to salaries varying by location, outstaffing salaries also vary based on the specialist technology being used. For instance, remote front end Django developer salary will tend to be noticeably different from remote Rails developer salary. In addition, experienced programmer rates will be higher than salary for starting remote programmer candidates.

Each technology has its own demand and supply characteristics based on factors such as:

  • Education – what is currently popular among instructors in the universities
  • Reputation – technologies that developers like tend to have higher developer supply over time. This has become the case, for example, with JavaScript, which has experienced growing popularity, according to eWeek.
  • Business mind-share – some technologies, such as Java, are heavily used in the enterprise. Since businesses drive big demand, they effectively bid up salaries for Java talent.

Comparison of Remote Front End Developer Salary

Not only a great web development framework to use is necessary for your project, but you also need a developer who is skilled and experienced at creating quality user interfaces and user experience for your web application. UI and UX development are among the wide array of services that are best provided by front end developers. When you know how to hire front end developer, you can be assured that you will have the UI/UX that best fit your web application project needs and all the benefits of collaborating with these professionals.

As an overview of the possible costs of hiring front end developers, in the table below is an outline of remote front end developer salary from various countries all over the world. Evidently, it is most costly to hire front end developers from the United States, while you can save more if you were to hire front end developers from Ukraine.

Looking for software developer who will not be worth as three specialists in your company and at the same time will have an excellent set of skills? Rent a coder from Ukraine and you will forget about the problems of high costs. This country has long been famous in the IT technology market as one of the most progressive and rapidly developing. In addition to being the largest country in Europe, there are a lot of universities that every year graduate tens of thousands of specialists with technical education. They can gain useful experience in startups, high-tech world-famous companies whose offices are located here. Ukraine is very convenient in terms of time frames because it can easily work with any country in Europe and with the States because the time gap allows you to establish communication so that it will be convenient for everyone wherever you are. What else? You will definitely not have communication problems because the vast majority of IT specialists from Ukraine are fluent in English. All these advantages are complemented by low software engineer average rent costs, which will allow you to easily find the best available specialists to work for your company.

CountryFront End Developer Salary
New Zealand$45,307

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*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

Comparison of Backend Developer Salary

To complement the stunning UI/UX from your remote frontend developer, an efficient and highly-responsive backend is necessary. This ensures that your UI/UX works as smoothly as possible, and is able to provide all the necessary information to its users. For this, backend developers are the best equipped. Backend developers are the ones ensuring that data and information are passed and processed, through your web application as efficiently and timely as possible. This only makes backend developers as essential to your web application development project.

To put into perspective the cost of hiring remote backend developers, shown in the table below are the average annual remote backend developer salary from different countries around the world.

CountryBackend Developer Salary
New Zealand$46,905

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

It would seem that you will be able to save the most if you were to hire remote backend developers from Ukraine, as it provides the least costly salary. You will also find that to hire dedicated backend developers in the United States will be at the highest-paid, with an estimated average annual salary of $69,570.

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Remote Java Developer Salary Comparison

According to JavaWorld, Java is in high demand among Fortune 500 companies and other companies of considerable scale. The programming language, with its use of object-oriented programming, lends itself well to building large systems. These large companies are the main sources of demand for Java developers. Other areas where Java is highly prevalent include big data and mobile applications.

In the table below, we track salary levels for remote Java developers in selected parts of the globe. Data is from HackerEarth.

Remote Java Developer Salary$72,936$47,824$24,669$37,725$20,298

The table indicates that Ukraine and Greece offer the best value when you are trying to keep costs manageable. In contrast, hiring remote Java developers in the U.S. and Germany will cost more.

The chart below tracks a greater number of countries, using data obtained from HackerEarth and PayScale.

remote java developer salary

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Salary Comparison of PHP Remote Developers in Different Countries

PHP is widely used in startups and consumer apps such as Facebook, Wikipedia and others. According to the PHP Manual, PHP has three distinct usage niches that are responsible for its demand:

  • Web Scripting – where PHP is used as a server-side programming language to power web applications. This is also the main usage of PHP in the tech world.
  • Command Line Scripting – PHP is also used as a scripting language on the command line to administer servers and to run scheduled scripts. This is integrated with cron on Linux and Unix, as well as Task Scheduler on Windows operating systems.
  • Desktop Applications and Graphics Applications – PHP can also be used in making graphic user interfaces for desktop applications. In this role, it is used with graphics extensions such as PHP-GTK for developing cross-platform desktop applications.

Using data from Glassdoor and HackerEarth, we find the following figures for remote PHP developer salary in selected countries. Once again, Ukraine and Southern Europe countries like Greece generally have some of the lowest costs for the average remote worker salary web developer.

Remote PHP Developer Salary$61,906$42,579$22,000$43,200$16,837

Below, we chart remote PHP salaries for a greater subset of countries around the globe.

remote php developer salary

In the table below, we will compare salaries for other highly demanded web development technologies in the U.S., Ukraine and several other European countries. The data under consideration ranges from Rails development to React and senior Node JS developer remote salary. Our data comes from PayScale, as well as Jooble, HackerEarth and Glassdoor.

Senior Node Js Developer Salary Remote$135,000$59,709$25,000$61,612$29,064
React Developer remote salary$90,216$54,942$19800$46,488$17,438
Remote Front end Django Developer salary$83,847$55,200$25,200$49,200$22,305
Remote Rails Developer salary$87,922$57,835$23,583$48,000$17,438
Senior SAP Developer salary remote$60,500$70,413$27,600$54,200$26,152
Remote Angular Developer salary $80,877$53,902$24,000$46,488$22,993

For web developer salary remote in skills like Node.js, Ruby on Rails and Django, Ukraine and Greece continue to be good outstaffing locations. These two countries are in Eastern Europe as well as Southern Europe, respectively. In Southern Europe, the data shows that Greece has cost far lower than software developer remote salary USA or Germany. The higher costs of Germany are more representative of Western Europe. For example, Greece had the lowest web development remote contracting front end developer with a Django salary of $22,305. Ukraine is slightly ahead, at $25,200. Outstaffing to the Ukraine or Greece is a good way to save on salary for senior candidates, who tend to be the costliest programmers. You can also save on remote full stack junior web developer salary by hiring an outstaffing company.

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Comparing Ruby and Ruby on Rails Developer Salaries

Aside from Java and PHP, other highly demanded developers are Ruby developers and Ruby on Rails developers. Much like other general-purpose programming languages such as Java and PHP, Ruby is a programming language used to develop a wide array of software and applications. Ruby on Rails, on the other hand, is a web development framework with its foundation built on Ruby. If you are looking for a great web application framework for your web application project, Ruby on Rails is a great tool to use. As a general programming language, Ruby provides an environment for more efficient and structured programming.

To have a better idea on how much it would cost to hire Ruby and Ruby on Rails developers below is a table comparing Ruby developer and Ruby on Rails developer salaries.

CountryRubyRuby on Rails
UK£36,030 ($47,450)£31,900 ($42,010)
AustraliaAU$66,910 ($47,510)AU$75,280 ($53,450)
New ZealandNZ$62,630 ($40,490)NZ$62,340 ($40,300)
CanadaC$65,550 ($50,560)C$76,300 ($58,850)
France€33,460 ($25,810)€27,900 ($32,095)
SingaporeS$56,430 ($40,805)S$61,830 ($44,710)

From the table, it is evident that Ruby and Ruby on Rails developers from the United States have the highest salaries, hence costing the most. Take for example developers from San Francisco, Ruby on Rails developer salaries San Francisco is estimated to be, on average, $111,800. While remote Ruby developer salary San Francisco is, on average, $74,140. In contrast, Ruby developer and remote Rails developer salary in Ukraine are the least costly. So it is a good option to hire a ruby developer from Ukraine.

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Mobile Development Remote Salaries

When it comes to remote development for mobile, as opposed to web, applications, Ukraine, and other countries are perfect places to find developer Eastern Europe.

Remote iOS Developer Salary

As iOS is one of the most used operating systems in the world, the numbers of iOS developers are incredible. Interesting, that the biggest amount of developers is in Asia, namely 760,000 developers (32.9%) with the following Europe – 680,000 developers (29.7%), North America – 680,000 (29,4%), South America – 80,000 (3.5%), Africa – 70,000 (3%) and Oceania – 35,000 (1.5%).

So, what are the costs of such demanded developers? We have collected PayScale and Glassdoor data for iOS development remote salaries in this illustrative chart. We can see that Ukraine, Greece, and Spain have some of the best value for employers looking to recruit remote iOS development talent.

ios developer salary remote

However, predictions say, that these numbers will stay stable not for so long. The mobile app development market will be growing, and in the nearest future it will gain $99 billion by the end of 2019, so the demand and especially supply will be actively growing, according to Juniper Research. Although, since there is an eternal standoff between iOS and Android, it still undefined who out of these two programmers will be more demand, as there are more Android users in the world. Out of 2.1 billion smartphone users in the world, 55.1% uses Android and 44.7% iOS users. And the number of Android users keeps leading. So let’s see what’s the Android developers demand and supply in the next paragraph.

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Android Developer Salary Remote

Android is the leading mobile operating system around the world. Data from StatsCounter shows that Android now commands a dominant 73.54% market share when it comes to operating systems. While iOS is overshadowed by Android’s market share, it occupies second place with a 19.91% share of the installed base. Below we take a look at PayScale and Glassdoor salary data for Android remote developers in different countries.

android developer salary remote

For developers, the choice of Android has become more attractive given the volume of devices running the platform. Companies with a desire to reach those users have no choice but to invest in Android development. The result is that demand for the remote Android developer to work remotely on mobile applications for the system has grown exponentially. However, these two technologies are absolutely different in terms of app development with their advantages and disadvantages, useful simple libraries and features. No matter how many blogs are there on the web dedicated to choosing this or that technology, every professional would say that this is not true any of these two is better. The choice is really personal depending on the developers’ preferences

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Salary Comparison of Full Stack Developer from Various Countries

If you’re on the fence with hiring front end developer and backend developer separately, full stack developers are the best option for you. Full stack developers are the developers that are skilled and experienced to work on both the frontend and backend of a web development project. Their skills range from UI/UX development to backend development and maintenance. With these developers you get the skills of both frontend and backend developers.

To provide you with an idea of how much will it cost to hire a remote full stack developer, listed below are the estimated average annual remote full stack developer salary from different countries around the world.

CountryFull Stack Developer Salary
New Zealand$48,516

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

Turns out, full stack developers based in the United States are among the highest paid, as an example, a remote full stack Java developer salary in the US is estimated at $82,188. While the average hourly remote full stack developer salary San Francisco is $29.40. In contrast, full stack developers from Ukraine cost the least, and provides for more saving opportunity.

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Growth of Remote Software Developer Salaries: 2020 and Onwards

Over the past few years, there has been an increasing trend to the number for individuals pursuing remote work. In the US, an estimated 43% of the working pool has experience working remotely and is forecasted to increase in the following years. A study conducted by Buffer shows that 90% those working remotely intend to continue their work, which bodes well for the pool of remote workers in the future.

Not only is the workforce increasing, but the demand for them as well. With technology evolving at a rapid pace, the demand for remote tech skills and professionals increases. With the increasing demand for tech jobs, compensation to workers has been growing as well. A report from ComputerWorld shows a growth of 3% in IT salary, an increase from 2% in 2014 and 1.4% in 2011. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 15% growth in web developer salary in the US, and 24% growth for remote software developer salary, from 2016 to 2026. According to Fortune, tech salaries have now caught up with the increasing demand for tech skills. All these show that in spite of the increasing demand for tech skills, remote worker compensation have now and, it seems, to continue meeting that demand.

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