Lean Developer – How to Choose the Best One

Cooperating with lean developer is doomed to success if you decide to conclude it. Lean development is about being oriented on a client, being taught by mistakes of your team and putting all the efforts on optimization of a product, no more, no less. There is a key: if you are going to start a new project, it is better to embody this kind of development from the very beginning. Therefore, to hire developers for startup, which precisely understand what a kind of work is, will set up the right way for any type of work. The modern IT market is full of good specialists, while you need the best one, right?

But wait, if you are here, so it is necessary for you to find out essential information about the specification of the lean programmer. We gathered all the Mobilunity’s experience to provide you with exactly what you need. It is as easy as a pie, but let’s go deep down.

Lean Development for Stable Growth of a Success

Lean software development is eliminating of waste and decreasing of bureaucracy within a development, mentoring and tuition by short phases and frequent assembly. Also, it means acting according to a feedback and negation of any following technical task and rigidly defined plans. In other words coordinated teamwork, which caused by the needs of a customer. The beginning of existing lean software development is at the beginning of IT fails.

Problems in software development are the main reason for the failures of IT projects, which forces executives around the world to introduce stringent monitoring processes in order to ensure the success of the project. Tightening processes at each stage of the project turns the whole development process into a “life jacket”.

In a nutshell, lean software development as any other kind of development, such as lean stack developer has its advantages and disadvantages. Have a look at the comparison table below:

lean application development

Lean Developer and His Role in Your Project

Lean developer focuses on getting rid of the waste of time and extra human resources; on the value of the product from the point of view of the customer, product and enterprise; as well as the advantages of a more flexible, iterative, low-cost development process.

Responsibilities of lean software developer:

  • The preparation of a project management approach
  • The implementation of based on up-to-date project management procedures and standards
  • Optimization or a new definition of project management rules and tools recommendations for project controlling and elimination of loses

Reliable Tools of Lean Software Developer

Lean software development tools help software developers to reach their purpose. It is a combination of software products and programming languages for creating a web or mobile application. Lean stack developer for sure has its tools for productive work. As a good example, there can be mentioned Scrum.

The Scrum is an approach to tech problem solving that avoids strict and tough specifics versus a rigid, step-by-step set of instructions. The program helps developers to embody more flexibility to their work, which has a framework of four distinct categories: values, roles, events, and artifacts.

Kanban is a second by its popularity lean product development software among lean developers. It is a visual system for managing current work, as it is moving through a process. The role of Kanban is to find potential bottlenecks in a process and correct them, so work goes through in a cost-effective way. You can use it in lean-concept production, where it is used as a scheduled system, for telling you what, where and how much to produce.

Lean Developer Resume Sample

lean developer resume sample

Lean and Agile Development

A popularization of the term lean and the emergence of association with the rapid (agile) development of software products occurred thanks to more recent studies, in particular, the book “Lean Software Development” by Mary and Tom Poppendic (2003).

The authors emphasized the elimination of losses and the reduction of bureaucracy in the development, training through short cycles and frequent assemblies, deferral of decision making and fast iterations. Also the principle of “pulling out” matters, when product modifications were caused by reviews, in contrast to “Pushing”, during which the development is proceeding according to the technical task and rigidly defined plans.

lean and agile development

Ukrainian Leading Lean Software Developer

According to HeadHunter, Ukraine has more than 1585 specialists in lean software development. Ukrainian outsource is proud of its custom software development companies. Ukraine ranks the very top outsourcing stats in numerous sources, for example, it occupies the first stage in outsourcing market of Eastern Europe. Recently the article on Kyiv Post reported on ten Ukrainian tech-companies making on the list of the best IT-companies, that shows how leading lean software developer becomes more and more demanded all over the world.

How to Conduct an Interview for Lean Developer?

Lean startup developer is the main component of a lean startup, as the lean startup consists of a customer developer, lean manufacturing and agile software development.

For performing a good job your potential candidate should pass an interview, below you can find examples of questions to ask:

What elements are necessary for a successful lean software team and why?

Every member should perform a certain type of work, as lean programming based on deferred liabilities.

How to get rid of waste in lean programming?

There should be provided optimization to every process of work, and organization of each stage of a plan.

What are the most common mistakes in implementing lean?

One of the challenging problems lean developer can meet is the extent to which personal lean success will reveal new challenges.

What is the best lean startup approach?

Embodying of low-dependency architectures, TDD, and modern development processes. Also promoting deeper developer expertise, with optimizing your workflow and schedules.

Define the roles in Scrum?

Known three roles that a Scrum team has: Project Owner The person works with end users and customers and provide a necessary requirement to the team to build the product. Scrum Master – the person deals with the its team to make sure each step gets complete on time and gives proper workflow to the team. And Scrum Team means each member of the team.

hire lean developer at Mobilunity

Hire Lean Developers at Mobilunity

The epoch of simplicity has come. Optimization, client-orienting, and substitution of solid human resources for compact and productive lean developer keep us with the times. Employers, who are eager about the modern renewing of everything that they accustomed to are already here, with Mobilunity community. So join us for supporting you in efficient work with the help of our lean developers.

Let’s us help you hire lean developers for your upcoming project!

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