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Hire PowerShell Developer

PowerShell is an automation platform that can be used both as a scripting language and an interactive .NET environment. In terms of automation, it is one of the best technologies out there. That’s why businesses choose not only to hire DevOps engineers but also PowerShell developers to increase work productivity. PowerShell is one of the most loved programming languages among professionals – 33.1% of programmers claimed to use it the most worldwide.

It is object-oriented and accepts and returns .NET objects. It also has hundreds of existing commands, but a PowerShell developer can create his scripts. PowerShell programming helps administrators to complete repetitive tasks in minutes, for example manage computer networks easily. It is an open-source solution that works on Windows, Linux and macOS. PowerShell engineers also appreciate that it comes with ISE (Integrated Scripting Environment) – a graphic interface one can use without typing the commands. Bringing on a full stack developer freelance can play a transformative role in distribution software development, as their comprehensive skills can enhance the functionality and efficiency of your PowerShell projects.

PowerShell Software Development: Benefits and Limitations

Any Microsoft developer PowerShell will tell you that when it comes to management and configuration, it is one of the most efficient technologies. People that are not familiar with it, might not realize how powerful PowerShell is. 

“I feel many IT pros have a lot of preconceptions about PowerShell or think it is all about scripting, which they view as some form of arcane sorcery. It’s not. PowerShell is a mechanism for working with the things you want to manage.”

© Jeff Hicks, PowerShell MVP

Benefits of PowerShell DSL development:

  • It is an object-oriented language that works with .NET objects/forms and has more functionality than CDM or VBScript. It can also work with third-party libraries with .NET
  • It automates management tasks when working with a computer network, like adding a user or installing software. It is perfect for managing IT environments at scale
  • It runs background jobs and processes
  • It helps to view hard-to-access information, like Windows registry or digital signature certificates. This allows performing any task on any corporate PC or laptop
  • It works for all Microsoft products and is used to manage solutions like Microsoft Office 365. The language is used to customize the default options. For example, you can use two-factor authentication instead of constant password changes

PowerShell limitations:

  • It requires running a web server on a server to function properly, which takes some space
  • PowerShell programmers access other PCs remotely, which might increase security risks
  • It requires .NET framework. and .NET Core for Linux/macOS systems. As a result, some cmdlets that work on Windows might run in trouble with other systems
  • On UNIX systems it is case-sensitive. It means that PowerShell script developer needs to always use the correct case when specifying a file. It the name doesn’t match the actual file name, the script runs into trouble. There is no auto-completion of names
  • Object-based is another type of logic, which requires some adjusting if a programmer switches from another language

PowerShell is also quite different from CMD.exe, which is a text-based language. CMD commands works in PowerShell, but PowerShell commands do not work in CMD. CMD also doesn’t allow the administrator to manage the registry to WMI (Windows Instrumentation) contrary to PowerShell. The complex scripts are much easier to do and run in PowerShell. Overall, Windows PowerShell developers choose it because it is more powerful and offers wider functionality.

6 PowerShell Commands Every PowerShell Developer Must Know

PowerShell software development uses specific commands, which are called cmdlets. You can create your own scripts as well, but it is also great to know the most commonly used cmdlets. To get the full list of them, a PowerShell expert can run “Get-Command-Type-Cmdlet”.

Most of them use Verb-Noun format and there is a list of approved verbs for scripting. There are also aliases for the most used commands like “Get-Service” has an alias “gsv”. Here are 6 cmdlets every PowerShell scripting expert should know:

  •  Get-Help. It gives all the necessary information on the commands and information about running them. If you add Get-Help-Get-Name-Process you’ll see the full syntax of a cmdlet. You can also learn which commands are used with a particular word or noun.
  • Set-ExecutionPolicy. PowerShell engineer uses it to manage the level of security around scripts. It is necessary if you want to create your own scripts, as Microsoft has disabled scripting by default.
  • Get-Service. It shows all the services installed in the system. You can also search by the service name.
  • ConvertTo-HTML. It helps to create a report on the information you can access via PowerShell. For example, if you want to share it with someone, use this command.
  • Export-CSV. This allows exporting PowerShell data in CSV format. Such files are opened with Excel.
  • Get-Process. It is useful to see all the currently running processes. And you can use Stop-Process if one of them has frozen.

To hire PowerShell expert and know exactly what skills and experience to look for, have a look at a sample resume of such a professional.

Why Consider Ukraine to Hire PowerShell Developer?

Ukraine is one of the most popular outsourcing and outstaffing destinations to find PowerShell developers for hire. The professionals here have much lower rates but offer excellent services.

Other benefits of Ukrainian outstaffing include:

  • Convenient time zone, especially for the EU countries
  • The majority of local programmers have a good command of English, so communication is easy
  • Many professionals have experience working on international projects
  • Local teams and specialists share the same business ethics and values as the US and European partners

Outsourcing and outstaffing to Ukraine is a great investment in terms of quality and price ratio. Local professionals are educated and have a high level of expertise to complete even the most challenging projects. It is a perfect opportunity to delegate your IT projects to high-quality specialists.

Why Choose Mobilunity as a PowerShell Software Development Provider

Working with a professional service provider is the easiest way to find an excellent specialist for your team. Mobilunity is a perfect company that offers high-quality IT outstaffing services, whether you need to find a programmer for startup or a huge corporation. If you are stuck with a Java developer resume with PowerShell pile or just want everything to be done fast and professional, we can help you. Choose Mobilunity because:

  • We’ve been working with international partners for more than 10 years and have extended experience in this field
  • Experts we find are always focused on developments, not an industry
  • We have more than 40 satisfied clients from various countries worldwide (from Switzerland and to the USA)
  • We bring together powerful Ukrainian development and Western management
  • Our cooperation always has a client-centric approach. Tell us what you need and get an excellent result

Mobilunity is a professional IT outstaffing services provider with more than 200 employees: dedicated, highly skilled and with a strong sense of commitment. We will find excellent PowerShell developers for your company to increase productivity, efficiency, and automation. We are always focused on providing the best results based on numbers and objective data.

If you are willing to hire PowerShell expert to increase the productivity of your team, Mobilunity is happy to offer excellent nearshore outsourcing services according to your particular requirements!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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