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Do you remember times when design concepts were presented to the clients with the help of screen shots or pdf presentations? Seems like it was long-long time ago. Nowadays everything has changed and is done much easier, with better and interactive visualization. User Interface (UI) design is one of the factors that influence the success of the website or mobile application; it is look and feel, it is presentation of a product. If UI design or, as it is also called, user interface engineering is not attractive for users, then a website or application risks to have high bounce rate and less visitors as it can have.

There are a lot of softwares and portals that allow designers to create a software prototype and mockup for different projects either it is design for a website or a mobile application. The most popular ones are InVisionApp, MarvelApp, Origami, Pixate, OmniGraffle Pro, MockupScreens, Visio etc.

InVisionApp – Is Mobilunity’s Choice

Our team of designers prefer free web and mobile InVision prototyping to other softwares such as MarvelApp or Origami.

InVision – is a UI mockup tool for creating clickable and interactive prototypes for designers to present design concepts of websites and mobile applications in real time. We use this tool for presenting design projects to our potential and current clients and let them check the concepts, leave comments and check how the users of their websites or mobile applications will browse through the platforms in real time.

invision prototyping

We would like to tell you in details how to view our design prototypes through InvisionApp, and how to collaborate with us easily, using simple tools.

How to Use InVisionApp? Step-by-Step Guide

We have created a fascinating and bright prototype for native Android mobile application CheckList with the help of this tool. You are welcome to check and test the mockup in InVisionApp, to check how user-friendly and easy to use it is on your own:

  • Once you receive a link with an invision app design from us,  you will be presented with a full-width screen, which you can scroll down and move right or left.
  • You can click on different items on the design, which will lead you to the next page of that design. If you don’t know where to click, just click on any space on the screen, and the app will show you which of the buttons are active by highlighting them in blue.
  • In  the bottom right corner you’ll have a little banner with a comments toggle. Once you turn comments on, you will be able to see comments left by our team, or leave your own comments by clicking on the part of the design you would like to comment on, and a pop up box will appear.  If you want to reply to  any of our comments, you can easily type it in the reply box and press the “Reply” button. We will be notified about your comment, and you will receive a notification once we reply to it.
  • In the same bottom right corner there is a square icon, which you can click on to be re-directed to the list of design pages done for your project. You can scroll this list down, and choose any page you would like to view closer.

We also have a very interesting article with fascinating infographics on the pros and cons of Android App Development and you are welcome to check it. Well! That’s it! Thanks for reading, and enjoy our designs!

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