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September 4, 2016 - Cathy

Project Planning Tools – JIRA Review

Looking into Popular Project Management Tool JIRA?

Having a great team of developers, designers, project managers this is a must to have an issue tracking system for fast understanding of daily tasks and managing its competition. JIRA created by Atlassian, being a cloud-based and self hosted system, is one of the most popular and wide used systems.

Being a simple issue tracking software, JIRA grew to project planning convenient tool which was used by Mobilunity. Thus, we would be happy to share experience with it and offer you JIRA review. Agile and Confluence helped to grow to higher level of usability for our company being a very powerful tool.


Screenshot of Jira Interface

JIRA Features

JIRA system includes common set of project management tools, it’s easy to use if you are following Agile methodology:

  • Ticketing
  • Bug History and Reports
  • Project Management
  • Agile Boards
  • Sprint Planning
  • Scrum
  • Email Integration
  • Saved Filters

jiraJIRA Overview

All the components of system help to serve different projects having different team members with dashboard of the project status, have sprints with ability to have issues moved from sprints to sprint and backlog. A screenshot with JIRA’s interface helps to understand how to use JIRA:

JIRA Disadvantages

Although JIRA is very convenient tool and used by thousands of users, our company refused using it as JIRA has a complicated pricing model. For example any JIRA plugins are needed, say you want to have Planning Poker and Xporter plugins and paying for them on JIRA’s marketplace you will end up paying for those 2 licences even if not used too often. Moreover, despite numerous free plugins, much of great JIRA plugins are not free ones.

inf jira

JIRA advantages

One of the most important things to pay attention is that Jira is a self-hosted platform. Thus, you do not need to host it on your server have system administrator who can set needed options for its smooth work. Also, Jira has very convenient interface helping PMs to plan sprints and track any actions with the help of automatic mailing system. Also this is great to check Jira’s report scheduling feature which is absolutely amazing if you run simultaneously several projects and have different dashboards.

As said PM Marina Guslavska “JIRA showed itself as a convenient tool, still its customization eats too much of time that could be equal to new issue tracking system development.”

Thus, Mobilunity found few JIRA alternatives such as Redmine, which is free and has same functionality. Also interesting issue tracking system is Assembla offering same functionality but for a lower price. You might be interested in TeamClerk as a simple free task management tool.

Having reviewed JIRA software for you and offering its alternatives we would be glad to assist you in choosing any of issue-tracking systems for your choice. Check our review on Redmine! (need to insert link)

Experiencing issues with JIRA? Contact us for more information and assistance!

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