The Main Mistakes Hiring an Offshore Application Programmer

As heavyweight hiring methods proved to be quite slow and low effective, businesses seeked for new more functional ways to get the best talent pool to fit modern dynamic business environment. Agile app development is related to great results at cost saving trends, avoiding bureaucracy to get ROI (return on investment) and allows businesses to change their standard process flow, improve communication and collaboration within the company and make recruitment more flexible.

As agile offshore development in the market of applications gained more and more popularity worldwide, the demand for offshore app developers is growing each year. It has been forecasted that 87% of sales by 2018 will be for tablets and smartphones. Last year has proved that development trends in mobile technology are rapidly growing, for example, apps for Samsung, iPhone X, and Android platforms. In order to meet the enlarging demand for apps, the number of app developers is growing.

hire offshore app developers

Main Mistakes People Do When Hiring Offshore App Devs

As companies decide to outsource app development, they might face a few challenges, especially when they do it for the first time. Mistakes in hiring offshore devs might eventually end up with extra expenditures, time and resources. Some might even disrupt the whole development process and make you start everything from the scratch.Thus we’ve decided to assemble a collection of the most useful tips for those who have an intention to go for offshore application development.

mistakes of hiring offshore application development

#1 The Cheapest Freelancer

The cheapest option is not always the best one. In fact, in most cases those seeking to get off cheaply, often face situations when they eventually overpay. This practice might result in very poor quality of an app, so fixing the bugs will cause even more expenses.

#2 Hiring a Coder with No Experience

When looking for a programmer online, you will find a lot of people on work platforms. However, some of them might turn out to have very little experience or lack sufficient one. You won’t be able to find out the real experience level of the programmer until you will test his end-product.

#3 Too Much Expectations from a Single Programmer

Single developer is not able to work on a project that needs a  whole team to be finished. Programing includes numerous subcategories and features, so you cannot be expecting that a Ruby programmer will be able to product UX design or know JavaScript or Ada.

#4 No Prior Research

In order to establish effective workflow with the remote team of offshore developers, you should have a detailed plan of such cooperation that would include such notions as communication means, quality control procedures, project manager experience etc.

#5 Know the Tech Part

In order to you should have clear vision and plan of all the tech tasks that must be fulfilled by your offshore team to ensure non-error operation of the end product. Moreover, your team should be closely following the global tech trends to improve their approach towards technical task fulfilment.

#6 Low-Quality Communication

When working with a remote team communication is one of the key factors to ensure successful outcome. Decide how often you will hold conference calls, choose proper software for time and task tracking, make sure your assignments are clear and have sufficient details.

#7 Choosing the Offshore Company with a Small Experience

The company that will provide you with great remote developer team should have sufficient experience not only on the international level but also in your specific field. You cannot expect much from the offshore agency that has never worked with app development, so make sure you choose the right company for cooperation that has experience in your category.

Offshore Application Programmer vs In-House App Developer

offshore app developers vs in-house programmers

Hiring Offshore App Developer in 1 Hour

If you’re still hesitating about switching to offshore web application development and need a specific answer, it would be ‘yes’. It is worth to hire offshore app developers for a number of reasons, and the potential risks can be easily avoided if you are careful enough and able to conduct prior research to make the right choice of the outstaffing company.

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