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February 19, 2018 - Olena

Software Outsourcing: How to Make It Right

Offshore Software Developers for Western Businesses

Offshore software developers can help if you are considering a new software development project. Frequently, however, you might have unanswered questions about how to select the right partner. This post will show you how you can make use of outsourcing and get the right partner to implement your software. Outsourcing has gone fully mainstream with the best and biggest companies in the world turning to outsourcing partners for some of their development.

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Here is a quick look at some of the most successful companies that have successfully made use of software outsourcing:

Benefits of Software Out Sourcing

When working with offshore software developers, you can take advantage of the following major benefits:

  • Gain the expertise of an entire team that can complement your own capabilities. If your own team is focused on web, for example, hiring an offshore company can help you tap mobile development talent.
  • Outsourcing software development can help the outsourcing company to operate more effectively. The ability to offload key development tasks to a trusted outstaffing firm in Eastern Europe, for example, frees up time for the client company. That time can be better spent on other, potentially revenue-generating opportunities.
  • In addition, outsourcing parts or all of your development can help your budget stretch further. This is one particular reason why companies in the West select countries like Ukraine when outsourcing their I.T. operations.

Offshoring to Ukraine

Ukraine is a leading outsourcing center. This European country is distinguished in the outsourcing market for its very talented software developers and their versatility. What you will find in working with a Ukrainian I.T. firm is that their tech talent is comparable to what you find in major Western technology centers such as Silicon Valley.

reasons to software outsourcing to Ukraine

Ukrainian offshore software development companies are developing using highly efficient modern technologies like React.js, Python, and Scala. That’s not to say older technologies like C# .NET or Java are not in use. They are very much used, along with all the latest technologies that are in vogue in London, Silicon Valley, and other startup centers.

In order to help you select the right software outsourcing partner, we’ve assembled the following list of criteria to help you choose the right provider.

7 Steps to Choose the Right Outsourcing Provider

steps to choose the best software outsourcing company

1. Be Realistic About the Capabilities of Your Service Provider

It might seem tempting to imagine that the lowest budget software shop with just a couple of developers can do everything from ecommerce to large machine learning projects. However, chances are, a larger operation would be more suited to execute on such a diverse mandate. Therefore, you need to be realistic about what your software development partner can and cannot do.

2. Select a Software Outsourcing Company With Track Record

Leading outsourcing companies like Mobilunity have developed a track record in the market. For example, Mobilunity is ranked highly in a recent ranking of the top Ukrainian nearshore software development providers. A company with a stellar reputation like that is an indication of great work conducted on behalf of clients just like you. High client ratings are only possible when clients are satisfied with the quality of software development the agency is able to provide. In addition, having a reputation to protect gives the outsourcing company extra incentives to over-deliver.

3. Compare Service Delivery Times

In cases where software development companies are able to provide comparable levels of skill, delivery time can make a difference. Differences in staffing and management can make a significant impact on how quickly you can get your software completed. A word of caution: faster is not always better. However, rapid software development approaches can save you precious time which you can put into refining your products. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to go with nearshore software development companies that save you time as well as money.

4. How Well Versed Is The Company in Serving Your Industry?

While there are commonalities in software development regardless of industry, differences do exist. Sometimes, knowing the inner workings of an industry can make or break an app. If you are a fintech startup, it helps to select an outsourcing firm that has worked on financial applications in the past. Likewise, if you are a media platform, select a company that has helped other newspapers and media organizations successfully develop their platforms.

5. Make Sure You And the Outsourcing Company Agree on Technical Values

Software organizations vary greatly in their technical culture. For example, companies are split on their use of techniques like Scrum, TDD, BDD and Pair Programming. The good part is that, whatever your preferences regarding technical culture, you will likely find software agencies that share your values. Working when you are in alignment like this helps both you and the outstaffing company do your best work. If you choose a firm with whose values you are misaligned, the experience could be frustrating and unproductive for both parties.

6. Hire Software Developers With Deep Expertise in Your Stack

The use of software frameworks has risen to prominence in the tech sector. The growing complexity of software created the need for specialization. As a result, we now have software agencies focused on different areas and clusters of expertise, such as:

  • Ecommerce – Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce
  • Web Applications – Django, Ruby On Rails
  • Enterprise Apps – Java, Spring, ASP.NET MVC
  • Functional Programming – Haskell, Ocaml, F#
  • Mobile Apps – Android, iOS, React Native, Cordova, Ionic Framework

The result is that some outstaffing firms can provide certain services more effectively and efficiently than others. When you are looking for the right partner, you need to take into account the areas of expertise of your outsourcing firm.

7. Treat Design as a First-Class Concern

The success of startups like Pinterest that use well-crafted design to differentiate their products has raised the profile of design. You might think that a software outsource company cannot deliver standout designs, but you would be wrong.

reasons to hire software developers in Ukraine

Offshoring to Ukraine gives you the opportunity to work with talented design teams like what Mobilunity has to offer.

Ukrainian offshore software developers offer world-class design and UX for all your apps. When selecting an outsourcing destination, you should have this as a key consideration for your decision.

Discover the advantages of Ukraine outsourcing by contacting Mobilunity now!

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