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How Often & What Spheres the OpenCV and Android Are Used?

According to the Statista information, the total number of Android applications on Google Play was over 3.5 million by December 2017. A substantial number of applications are related to face recognition, biometric, android eye detection, puzzle solutions and many others, which are directly and indirectly related to the use of the OpenCV С++ face detection function library.

As far as the Android face detection OpenCV application development is concerned, a developer needs to have extensive knowledge of android camera, android activity lifecycle, Java programming and Java Native Interface (JNI) technology.

In the Android development platform, the libraries from the OpenCV are imported very often for different purposes and functions in the Android image detection application development. These functions of the library include numerous image processing functions, video processing functions and other algorithms associated with the item identification capabilities. For that task you need to hire OpenCV Android team or hire OpenCV developers to take over your project’s goals.

Any Android application for face recognition using OpenCV android programming platform commonly uses an interface between the Android camera and the source code of the application to detect the desired biometric marks with the help of numerous algorithms and functions imported from OpenCV library.

hire android face recognition opencv developers

The main spheres of Android applications where the Android face recognition OpenCV developers are commonly used include the following domains:

  • Learning of face recognition feature apps
  • Puzzles applications
  • Physical security applications
  • Device access security applications
  • Image matcher application for security purposes
  • Android eye detection applications investigation, security and other purposes
  • Numerous engineering applications for the item position detection
  • And many others

Top 5 Projects With OpenCV Android Face Detection

There are thousands OpenCV face detection Android applications on Google Play Store commonly used in the Android Smartphones. Among OpenCV sample face detection Android we chose top rated 5 OpenCV on Android applications are given below:

Face Detection Screen Lock Prank

Face Detection Screen Lock Prank

This is an entertainment Android application developed by the professional Android face recognition OpenCV developers for tricking your friends. The main features of this application are listed below:

  • It is based on face detection scanner used for entertainment
  • More than 500 thousand downloads
  • Runs on Android version 4.1 and above
  • It uses a weather widget theme for screen scanner
  • It is free to download and requires permission to access many resources on the phone

iPlayer – HD Video Player

iPlayer – HD Video PlayerThis is an intelligent video player application, which intelligently tracks your face and eyes and plays the video as long as you look at the screen to watch the video. As you look away from the screen, the video stops. The main features of this application developed by the team of great OpenCV face recognition programmers include:

  • Very beautiful and simple interface
  • Use face detection algorithm in real time
  • Automatically stops and starts playing the video when you look away and at the screen respectively
  • Works in picture within picture mode
  • Resizing of the video screen supported
  • Can also play from the other device with the same application and on the same WI-FI network
  • Supports all functions like forward, reverse, pause and others

Face Detection Screen Lock

Face Detection Screen LockThis is a perfect application developed by YIIIS OpenCV face recognition Android developers for securing your mobile from unknown access. The mobile screen locks and unlocks with your face facing the front-end camera of your android mobile phone. The main features of this application are given below:

  • It is a fun application with greater security to your mobile phone
  • You can also save the faces to unlock on the phone
  • Able to recognize multiple faces in real time, but one at a time
  • Both the front and back cameras are supported
  • Supports multiple fake tries to lock the screen
  • Based on highly reliable and advanced technology
  • It can also be used to prank your friends

Biometric Face Detector Application

Biometric Face Detector ApplicationThe biometric face detector application is designed for the personality detection with the help of the contour of your face. It is a fun application in which any face is scanned and mapped with the features that are associated with certain personality traits. The main features of this application are listed below.

  • An entertaining cum knowledgeable application
  • Recognizes the personality and nature of a person based on the features of the face
  • It uses the biometric technology to scan the contour and features of your face
  • It detects the beauty of your face too
  • Also helps you detect the possible best matching friends to your personality traits
  • It is a great fun application downloaded by more than 50,000 people

Face Morph Application

Face Morph ApplicationA great application used by more than 500,000 users. It can morph any face with multiple options, such as animals, shades, designs and many others. The main features of this application are given below.

  • It is very simple and easy to use application
  • Supports switching one face with another one
  • You can blend the desired face with different influences
  • You morph one face with the multiple faces of animals
  • Automated face detection is supported
  • Mixing of multiple faces is also supported
  • Good online reviews

Top 5 Steps to Create an OpenCV and Android Project

The Android development project is commonly accomplished through C++ and Java environment setups for the Android platform. The OpenCV library is imported into the Android development platform called as OpenCV4Android SDK. To involve it into business you just need to hire OpenCV Android developer or to hire android coder. But now let’s summarize the Android development with the OpenCV library in generalized 5 steps.

steps of creating face detection using opencv android

Step #1Setup of Required Resources

In this step you need to set all the software platforms and other resources required for an Android project development. The main resources that you need to set up in this step should include:

  • OpenCV4Android SDK for development and OpenCV Manager for testing
  • Java Development Kit (JDK)
  • Android NDK and SDK
  • Eclipse IDE and its CDT and ADT plugins

Step #2 Choose Development Method

Choose which of these two methods – Java or Native/C++ – you want to use for android OpenCV development? We choose Native/C++ part of our android development here, for instance.

Step #3 Import Sample Projects

There are many sample projects that can be called for the native development through a simple procedure. For more details of importing sample projects refer this tutorial.

Step #4 Create a New Project on OpenCV Sample

This step involves the creation of a new project in Eclipse IDE through a stepwise procedure as given here in this official OpenCV website.

Step #5 Create a Blank Activity

The fifth major step is to create a blank android activity. This is done in the Eclipse IDE and the use of associated plugins to take further steps.

You have to take many other steps to create an OpenCV for android project, which can be learned in details on the official website documents.

What Are Most Popular Motion Detection Features in 2017-2020?

The modern motion detection technologies are known for their accuracy, reliability and low cost. The latest technologies commonly used in the modern motion detection sensors as well as in the computer based applications include the following:

opencv android face detection features

All these technologies have their own features, which make them more popular in the applications of modern motion detection for android and other operating systems. There is a big rise in the android motion detection applications commonly used for the Android mobile devices. The majority of those applications uses the video recording or camera images, infrared technology or passive infrared technologies.

The advanced software applications that use other sensing devices, which are integrated with the backend software through the processing machines, use the combination of two or more than two technologies. For example, the duel technologies implemented in one system reduce the false alarms and increases the reliability.

If we look at the future prospects of these technologies, ultrasonic waves, thermal imaging, PIR, video motion and the combination of two or more of these technologies will remain in the high demand.

Present Demand and Future Prospects of OpenCV and Android Developers

The Biometric Technology Today Magazine research published on the SchienceDirect website predicts that only face recognition application market to cross $2.19 billion by 2019. Meanwhile, the Young Story website information, android Smartphone global market share is about 84.7% of the total global market. The global market of Smartphone is increasing at more than 13% per annum. Similarly, there is steep growth in the android market apps. The mobile apps are expected to generate as much as $189 billion by 2020, as per the Statista forecasts.

According to the latest figures on IT JOBS WATCH website, there is a regular increase in the job posting of permanent jobs for OpenCV developers in the market for last two years. The increase to hire OpenCV Android engineer is also anticipated to remain for many coming years in the domain of security systems and access control systems in the industry.

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