What’s the Actual Embedded Developer Salary Worldwide?

Ukraine has a well-founded technology sector. From the bloodless blood test kit to the Vitality app for the deaf, the country is at the forefront in making the world a better place. But what does it take to hire developers in Ukraine? These are some of the questions most companies grapple with when looking to outsource developers from Ukraine.

Well before we answer that, what is the number of embedded developers in the world?

According to a blog post by John K. Waters, the estimated number of software developers in the world back in 2014 was approximately 18.5 million. 11 million amongst this number are professionals with the rest being “hobbyists”.

Much as the number never gave a clear indication on what field they were working in, it does give a sense of the number of developers eight years ago. In 2018, its estimated there are more than 18 million software developers globally with the number expected to reach 26.4 million within the next one year.

Regions With the Highest Number of Embedded Developers

Today, India is the leading country in terms of the highest number of developers with the number clocking approximately 5.2 million developers. It’s closely followed by the US with approximately 4.5 million developers. The number represents a 90% in India compared to the 25% increase in the USA from the year 2017.

This growth of the number of developers in India is attributed to the high population size and a relatively young population with half of the 1.2 billion population being under the age of 25 years. China and Russia come in a close third and fourth with 1.9 and 1.3 million developers respectively. However, in terms of regions, Europe comes in first with a total combined workforce of 5.5 million developers.

So how many of these are embedded developers? It’s hard to get a clear estimate. However, in 2010 VDC Research did indicate that there were more than 880,000 embedded developers. When this number is compounded with the 7% annual growth, I would yield over 2 million embedded developers worldwide.

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Growth of Embedded Development

Albeit embedded software is a quite new phenomenon, its already causing jitters around the IT industry and being used in a number of products. Typically, an automated inbuilt software would have been found in complex machines like planes and vehicles. However, even companies are utilizing embedded software to enhance their consumer products. According to a new research, the market is valued to hit approximately $110.46 Billion by the year 2023, with an annual growth of 4.05% between now and 2023.

The major factors behind this rapid growth of the embedded and real-time systems are the increasing acceptance of multicore processor technology in wearable devices, military applications, smart appliances, and healthcare equipment. Additionally, embedded software and artificial intelligence have spawned a new era in the transport and communication ecosystem. Needless to say, it’s the embedded system operating system that has facilitated the actualization of previously unseen products and technologies like the driverless cars.

As a result, embedded developer jobs have been on the rises for the last decade with the future demand set to be even greater. Developers with embedded system integration experience will appreciate the fact that embedded technology is set to continue to bring numerous job opportunities in the next foreseeable future bringing along an enviable cost of embedded developer.

Salary Comparison of Embedded Developers in Different Countries

Thanks to the sins of global capitalism, the salaries of embedded developer vary depending on location. For example, a junior embedded developer in the US earns an annual salary of between $58,272 and $97,316 with a senior embedded developer earning $149,325.

In the UK, An entry level position pays £24,526 annually whereas a senior embedded developer bags between £30,639 – £59,463.

In Ukraine, things are a little different. Compared to other European countries, Ukraine comes with the lowest rates as a junior developer earns $13,602 with a senior position commanding $40,800 per year .

These are just a few examples of software developer salaries in different countries and regions. But if you take a quick comparison with the global rates, Ukraine has a reasonable price ratio.

comparison of average embedded developer salary

In the future, almost every device will feature an embedded chip. This presents a very bright future for individuals with embedded developer skills and the cost of embedded developer will only continue to rise.

Embedded Developer Resume Sample

embedded developer resume sample

Final Thoughts

For many years Ukraine has been at the forefront of supplying dedicated development teams for IT companies globally. This is primarily because of the competitive prices floated by Ukrainian developers coupled with an ever-growing talent pool of young ambitious developers seeking to make the world a better place. If you are looking to outsource a software developer embedded professional for your projects, Mobilunity will help you. The outsourcing process with them is pretty much straightforward plus they are amongst the top 10 IT solutions companies in Ukraine.

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