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Candidate Experience Note from Mobilunity’s CEO

Back in 2017 many were asking why on Earth we have a cameraman on staff if everyone has phones now. Now in 2021, we see we were 4 years ahead of the competition, having the right practices already in place.

Recruiting is Marketing. It is your Vendor who must be talking to you in detail on how exactly to market your product – a Job or a Career you are aiming to give to the Candidate of your dream.

Spend no time on planning your vacancy marketing – and you will end up with worse matching to your ideal profile people. Or, spend 3x more time on searching that SOMEONE who simply cannot see your job ad in today’s info-overwhelmed world.

On a pic you may see another Candidate Experience note screenshot from our recent hire. Knowing your Candidates and Employees is no less important than knowing your Clients. Building proper CX (both to Client and Candidate) is today’s demand

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