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Feedback Matters a Lot

“Your candidate looked great but due to many else reasons we have decided not to move with them further. Please keep searching”
– is a red flag feedback to anyone in a process of recruiting for their client.
When it comes to #nearshoring this answer brings to even worse situation – just because nearshore recruitment has additional surfaces of so called “candidate match criteria” that we as the Vendor simply must know.

What’s even more odd – when the recruitment provider turns back to the client for the details, often the answer is way more meaningful – “okay, if you want a bald truth, the candidate did not have much of qualification; one showed to be not ready for work with technology B; their level of blabla concept understanding was graded to be under average; and, as a cherry on top, the candidate lacks communicative skills – interrupting the interviewer, disrupting the meeting for a random call and not listening carefully to the questions asked. You wanted to hear that???” – YESSS WE DID!

Recruiting in tech market – or, in any market where employees have a good variety of choice – is a recurrent process of listening to the client, finding a tentative match, getting a feedback on that match, redefining (detailing) the requirements and finding better candidate.
Remove the “feedback step” from this cycle – and be sure all new candidates you will ever be receiving will be still not the match.
Would giving a honest and genuine feedback on every candidate help? Of course! How else, without that feedback, your vendor will do the job you expect from them?

It may all sound too obvious but having 1-2 such cases weekly makes me repeat these things. Speaking wider, and turning from #Recruitment to employee #Retention, be same polite and keep your genuine feedback on your remote employee classified, not shared with anyone. And then, terminating that remote talent of yours, say the vendor does not do well in Retention – as they fail to guess you had a feedback on staff hired remotely for you. Argh!

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