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How to Choose Your Vendor

Been to startup event yesterday in Shoreditch, had a small talk with the tech startup founder. His main concern on using nearshoring was whether the model would allow his and his partners be confident the people on the other side of the wire (residing somewhere remote, 100 or 1000 miles away) would be capable of holding the Company’s values and philosophy same good as onsite people could.
One needs to understand the models differ on their design. There are vendors who provide the team of remote software developers, yet keeping these people behind the shield of their own company’s brand. So called “Vendor” team working on Client’s project. And, there are vendors who add value to the corporate team of a client, residing remotely, by nurturing the Client’s corporate brand within the group.


The need and concern Client has only define the vendors choice criteria. You may be sure there are vendors in a pond who fit the very special need you might have. An ability to word your needs properly, to hear and verify the vendors’ answers and foresee where these relationships will lead you to is a skill you may definitely gain, easily. And, remember, I am here to make this skill onboarding smoother for you :) ciao!

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