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Inside Nearshoring: Ukrainian Developers vs World

A short (longer than usually though) cut from last year’s Inside Nearshoring Online Show episode where my guest, Ihor Pysmennyi, PhD reflects about myths on Ukrainian devs comparison to else nation.
Had good 7 minutes now re-watching the past – and you know what, we are still there in many aspects of what Ihor was mentioning back then.
Good thing Covid19 is (almost) gone; bad thing is we have stupid neighbor on the North – but who said it’s all gonna be easy? :)

Labor market is more global than ever before for past 3 years. Having learnt on working with your team remotely opens a business new opportunities, the ones that are already opened and discovered by their competitors. Making nearshoring a part of one’s strategy is not just smart, it is a requirement of 202x. As without it, in some aspects and in some volumes thoroughly planned by the Business’s Board, one may just lose.

Happy Birthday Ihor!! Lots of joy to you and keep ruling the team of yours, you rock! :)

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