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Mobilunity Congratulates Our Woman in Tech with Her Anniversary

With the number of women in tech constantly growing both globally and in Ukraine overall we are yet too much behind the equal gender representation on engineering roles specifically.

With all parties being fairly interested in this equality to come up so to say, the pace it happens is still not there to say the situation will change drastically within the next 5 years or so.

And, by saying “all parties” I perfectly mean

  • Clients, who come and specifically ask for the team to be built from equality perspectives
  • us as the Vendors, being totally interested in attracting talents irrelevant to their gender, and specifically willing to be part of gender equality movement
  • our tech interviewers sharing our position in terms of a fair candidates assessment, and
  • the candidates themselves knowing and being confident there is no barrier in tech career for themselves and it all depends purely on their skill and ability to do the job they apply for.

Partially due to all these constraints, I am specifically happy to witness the engineering career success of some of my colleagues. This time, Katheryna Martynova specifically – especially with her 2 years anniversary of hers with Mobilunity and our German client. Thumbs Up Katya, and more to come soon!

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