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Mobilunity Services on Japanese Market

Telling our potential clients about the story of markets development Mobilunity | Dedicated Development Teams has gone through, I often stick to Japan and Mobilunity’s case of this (probably the toughest ever) market penetration.
Making long story short, over 10% of our clients are from Japan now – varying from startups on early stages to traditional giants we are happy to be vendors of.
Hearing this story in less formal environment, my old client (5+ years with us) once asked – if that was so much of a success that most else companies dream of, why not to develop it as a value-added service to our existing clients, who, in addition to the service of remote software development teams from us would have received a service of new market development for them, there in Japan?
Indeed, we have our own approach on how things happened for us, and we saw no obstacles for the same approach to be scaled up to else businesses, especially those we know well within else model of collaboration with.
The service itself is a rare offer from non-Japanese company to help its client enter the Japanese market. Get their first connections and leads, turn them into clients. Localize their very own product to the market, if needed.
We have a business unit all set and serving these needs. My fellow Japanese me :) サモフスキーキリル and our team of JP-fluent marketers are now thoughtful what British business selling (ideally) globally has a product to offer to the very new for them, very uncommon and very perspective to them (I hope) market of Japan. Intrigued? Lets chat!

Mobilunity Services on Japanese Market
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