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Nerashore Provider Size Matters

Passing by a thread explaining one of the big driving factors for the #nearshore provider choice – size (and thus, level of customization, and service overall) of the Vendor.
Scrolling back to numerous previous posts of mine on how clients choose their vendor, you may recall the size is one of the easiest thing to make your vendors’ short list by.
You do not want to work with the way smaller vendor than your assumed operations are, as
1st – they won’t know by their experience what hassle and what challenges you as organization have
2nd – you may put on them slightly more than they can handle. You barely want to be a 1st client of the “proper” size for your vendor to learn by
3rd – you do not want to risk if your project makes lets say 60% of the vendor’s operations, as before they sign you they may hardly be ready to actually work with you

Working with the vendor way bigger than your company is in many aspects clearer on why it may be not a great idea. Actually, the thread on the screenshot is referring to alike case.

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