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Ukraine Is a Key Destination for Nearshoring in Europe

“Not every business in Denmark may even know Ukraine exists”, was my guest’s answer a year ago at Inside Nearshoring Online Show. So much has changed since then, and obviously, now the situation is different.

But talking about IT – what Ukrainians were already known for, year ago, was – reputation, and commitment to work.

Ukraine remains one of the key destinations for nearshoring in Europe.
With russian labor market being sanctioned to work with, same on Belarus, some 300,000 people had dropped of European workforce in IT, immediately. Nearshoring stays and will continue becoming more and more used by businesses of all scales. Making a choice in favor of a model, sticking to one country or building it distributed from the day 1, applying proper HR strategies on top of the recruiting ones – these are all questions I encourage you to consider making your next big move.

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