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What to Clarify with Your Nearshoring Vendor Before Hiring a Dedicated Dev?

A dedicated developer being hired by your Nearshoring Vendor – so which company one will have more “feelings” to? This question, asked in different forms and tones, is one of the biggest concerns of clients coming for Nearshore dedicated development team model.

In short, this is a list of questions I advise you to clarify before signing up with the vendor like that:

  1. once an engineer is being approved to your project, what may lead to this particular engineer’s “dismissal” from your project? (your expectation should be, a desire of YOURS to terminate the team member, or, a desire of DEV to quit your project. You must hope there will be no option of VENDOR’s desire to make a switch)
  2. will you and will your tech team have a direct unmoderated (by Vendor) access to communication with your team members designated to your project? (your expectation should be unconditional YES, as this model assumes you working with the team member you interviewed and chose, you mentoring this person, you seeing one shares your corporate values and culture)
  3. how will your Vendor propagate your process organization, corporate rules and corporate culture into your dev team provisioned to you? (and, your expectation would be AT THEIR VERY BEST EFFORT :) )

Since Sep 2021, our teams’ trials (3 months by default) are being followed with a fancy t-shirt gifted to the new engineers successfully onboarded. These shirts are intentionally made not in Mobilunity colors, yet, indeed, we design and print the outfit in the corporate colors of the Client to which the new team member belongs to. Looks bright and colory, and very much explains our, Vendor’s, approach and philosophy – the teams we assemble for you are YOUR teams, and you may expect them to be of alike mindset, of alike approaches, and of alike corporate culture propagators your any else onsite team member would be!

The poster disclosures some of September 2021 trials successfully closed. More to come of course, monthly!

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