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Which Custom Options Mobilunity Proposes to Each Client

200+ people working for 47 clients and Mobilunity itself.

Aside of 47+1 corporate cultures, employer brand identities, and so sweet t-shirt styles, what this all causes to us as the Vendor?

We are now operating 47 business process sets, unique for every client, and being heritages from our initial process design, Mobilunity Client metaclass so to say.
What may be so special about every client?

Here we go:

  • other than standard formats for the reports
  • Clients’ systems usage and/or integration with the Vendors’ ones
  • additional documents and paperwork essential for the team members’ compliance with the Client’s legal and document flow
  • custom Recruiting and/or HR and/or IT/Security processes involving unique stages and/or artifacts
  • and many more.

An ability to adjust to every small (or big) client is a unique selling point for us in positioning our services on the market. If we were 10x bigger – that would not be possible, and thus, I again remind you – size (of the Vendor) does matter!

Vendor’s DNA, their engagement model, its size, and its setup need to be always explored before making a choice. All vendors operate on the same labor market, where people name the same costs. Will the Vendor’s service fee be 200 USD higher or lower – this will not make any impact to the Nearshoring Project Success. Everything else mentioned above will!

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