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Who to Talk about Nearshoring With?

Meeting new people for #Nearshoring needs they may have, I tend to see my primary role as putting some light onto the area most of them know nothing about, or, know things that could have worked (for them) elsehow.

There are few primary types of people that I talk to on this matter:
1. Startup founders team coming from big corporate world. They know their business, they know how to count the money and manage the process, but they have too much to solve on their plate, always, and also – cost of mistake on this decision of whether or not to nearshore, might be too big for them.
2. Managers who used to nearshore in past, had their pits and falls, ups and downs, and who know what exactly they may need this time, and how it should function. By the fact they turn to me, I also usually conclude their previous experience was not awesome, and this is why they are open to consider a new vendor – me
3. Managers whose primary job is to innovate their own organization with distributed/hybrid teams concept extension and who know (from someone or from me posting over here) about capacities (and risks!) associated with working with Ukrainian-based software and/or hardware development teams.

I am blessed to use alike approach in all these talks – I rely less on guesses but rather on our previous experiences. Indeed, we have much to share – we had stories of 1-man-company and idea growing into a biz beast, we had stories of well-funded and well-functioning businesses failing with their nearshoring initiatives. And, we have our own conclusions on reasons for the former to prevail and least ones to fail.

So why not having a chat now about what will happen to your organization if you DO NOT utilize benefits of distributed development teams? I think such a chat may be worth it, even if your conclusion than would be a very much educated choice in favor of onsite local team.

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