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Why You Should Start Designing Your Candidate Experience

A rare case today is when a developer is in active search in Ukraine.
The thing is, very often most candidates (90%++) are remaining in passive search or stealth mode in regards to the new career opportunities. In general, such candidates are harder to reach, harder to catch an eye of, harder to convince to move from one stage to another (so to those who like 7 stages of an interview – no doubt you are my hero but I have no idea how you even hire these days!) and lower chances your offer will be accepted after all the stages.

Working with active candidates is of course joy but:

  • they are active not to you alone. SPEED of process is super critical here
  • they are very easy to scare of. May it be a recruiter speaking wrong language (bad days happen, i know) or technical interview run by someone overseas who texts someone on a phone when running an interview – this all will matter to good candidates who will decide not to continue spending their time on such company who they now ay have doubts on

This is Employer market now. Take it, and start designing your Candidate Experience in a way your Company will benefit from strategically.

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