Glossary Every Newbie Must Know for Startup Development

First Steps in Your Startup Development

It doesn’t matter if you are a small startup company or large enterprise, everyone starts from the same point – from the beginning! Here you begin your survey in understanding new vocabulary, which concerns only startups and entrepreneurs. At your start you’ve probably encountered a lot of odd words, which confused you for a while, and which are required to know for your startup development. But there are some, the awareness of which doesn’t make any change. We want to share our experience with you and to introduce that terminology, which might be life changing, and is worth knowing.

Best Web Development Company for Startup Development

Other Essential Terms to Improve Startup Development

The ABC infographics is suitable for both, for small startup companies and large enterprises, and explains the main terms which you might encounter while your startup development, like angel, branding, eCommerce, MVP, pivot and other. So, there are also hundreds of other words, which might be needed for you, like these:

  • Angel, agile, accredited Investor, acquisition, ACRS, adventure capitalist, advisory board, app development, awareness, Android application
  • Branding, big data, bootstrap, business plan, business model, burn rate, bankruptcy, black swan
  • Cloud, content, curated, crowdfunding, curation, co-founder, conversion, corporation
  • Discount, dilution, dividend, daily active users, data room, disrupt, dogfooding, drag-along rights
  • Entrepreneur, early adopter, equity, entrepreneurial venture, eCommerce, early early stage, email service provider, embargo
  • Freemium, funding, founder, financial statements, forward revenue, finder, flat round, fund size
  • Growth hack, guru, Google ranking, goat Rodeo, glass ceiling, green, gross revenue
  • Hyperlocal, hockey stick curve, hybrid app, honeypot, holding company, hot issue
  • Innovation, incubator, intraprenuer, iterate, Investment, IT outsourcing, income statement, inside sales
  • J-curve, JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups)
  • Kickstarter, key employee
  • Lean startup, leveraged buyout, leverage, leaky bucket, liquidation preference, LinkedIn,low-hanging fruit
  • MVP, mobile, mumentrepreneur, monetisation, market fit , market share, marketplace
  • Ninja, non-compete, native app, net promoter score, nondisclosure agreement
  • Offer, One+one=three, offering documents, open-end fund, outstaffing, offshoring, outsourcing
  • Pivot, post-money valuation, product-market, ping, partnership, PR, prototype, pagerank
  • Qualified purchaser, quora
  • Revenue, regulation D, ROI, red herring, run rate, right of first refusal
  • Startup, small business, social proof, SEO, scalable, software, strategy, spam, sales funnel, stock options, strategic acquirer
  • Traction, target market, top of mind awareness, trailing revenue, takedown schedule, time value of money
  • User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), up-round, underwriter, underwritten offering
  • Venture Capital (VC), value propositions, vision, vesting schedule, viral coefficient, vulture capitalist
  • Wantrepreneur, warrant, web development for startups, website optimization, website traffic, wireframe
  • Yak shaving
  • Zombie startup, Zombie fund

How to Get Advantage from the Best Web Development Company?

Being active in global IT market since 2010 we see that there are thousands of startups, that appear every year, but most of them don’t survive till the 4th year. Most of them know the theory of keeping business, they get investment, hire hard working people and do really much work for their startup development. Still, they fail with time. What is the problem with them? They all have different reasons for their failure, but in most cases there is one common issue: their poor website or app!

Best Web Development Company Mobilunity for Startup Development

As we live in a digital world, we can’t reach the targeted audience without an effective website, where User Interface and User Experience should be applied professionally. As statistics shows it takes a customer only 15 seconds to decide if they want to visit this website again or if they never come back again. It’s so sad that many of startup founders present high quality products or services, but they don’t understand the necessity to present it in a premium quality as well.

What about your website? Is it hooking and can engage your customers? Did YOU really do everything possible for your startup to succeed?

Don’t miss the possibility to hire developers for startup growth from the best web development company!

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