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Hire Payment Developers | Alipay, Payline, Adyen, Gocardless, Cayan

The billing integration is a process in which an eCommerce website or online shopping portal is integrated with the payment gateway with the help of different payment developers like 2Checkout or PayPal developers. The payment gateway is a software platform designed for the eCommerce merchants that sell products online through credit card and other payment cards. According to Transactis information, online bill payment market value stands at the second position with about $20 billion volume preceded by POS billing. The integration of an online shopping website is accomplished by the payment developers through API, plugins or web applications.

Different Ways of Billing Integrations with Payment Developers

There are five major ways of billing integrations – both cloud-based and on-premises solutions – based on the payment management processes. Let’s expand on them:

Payment Processing Gateway Integration

This is one of the most popular ways of billing owing commonly used in most of the online shopping websites. In this type of billing integration, the online billing is integrated with the payment gateways like PayPal, AliPay, Adyen and others.


  • Automatic transaction monitoring by customer
  • Less time consuming
  • Easy to create reports at any time
  • Fully secure and reliable


  • Require technical expertise to integrate
  • Third party dependency

Self Service Website Integration

In this type of billing integration, the billing application is integrated with your website or with the customer website. This integration is more open and easy to monitor.


  • Customer can view billing round the clock
  • No delivery of invoice needed due to direct customer access to billing interface
  • Easy to pay at any time


  • Security issues may arise
  • More open interface may lead to some fraudulent activities

Billing Integration with CRM System

The CRM portal is very vital for customer and corporate relationship in today’s modern business. In this process, the CRM portal is integrated with the billing payment system.


  • Open access for the customer representative to the customer billing in real time
  • Easy to manage and provide support to the customer
  • Extensive support for personalized billing and unique offers
  • More flexible and customer oriented


  • Possibility of malicious modifications in billing
  • Very loose control

Email Billing Integration

In this type of billing integration, an automated email function is activated for billing invoices through emails. This type of billing integration is extensively used in the present day billing systems.


  • Instant invoice delivery with full reliability
  • Saving of paper for invoices


  • No direct interaction with the customer
  • Vague payment follow up

Integration into Accounting System

The billing is integrated directly into the accounting software system in this kind of billing integration. This is more transparent and trendy for higher management of your company.


  • Real time insight on financial flow of the company billing
  • A deeper perspective on customer payment trends
  • Instant access to past history and present status


  • Disconnect in customer support
  • Risk to business financial secrets

Adyen Developers

Adyen Developers

Adyen developers should have great command over Python, C++, Java, PHP and other web development tools. It is necessary for adyen developers to have extensive experience of the Adyen integration. The Adyen payment gateway supports an API and many other applications for different eCommerce websites to integrate payment processing. The demand of back end developer Adyen for Adyen integration with the Adyen Payment gateway is increasing consistently in the global marketplace. Owing to its support for over 250 options of payments such as, PayPal, Samsung pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay and many others, the demand is growing exponentially. The average salary of back end developer Adyen is about $80K in the USA and in some European countries.

Gocardless Developers

gocardless developers

GoCardless developers use a very powerful Restful API of GoCardless gateway powered by multiple libraries in different languages such as, Ruby on rail, Java, Python and PHP. A GoCardless developer normally deals with the GoCardless integration of eCommerce website with the payment gateway in multiple ways. The demand of GoCardless integration engineers in the market is increasing regularly due to its various benefits that it offers to the customers. Among such benefits direct debit scheme, unified set of web hooks, ready to use logics for subscriptions, and holiday payment handling capabilities are a few to name. As we know, Gocardless developer is a full stack software developer, who has working experience with the GoCardless API and related tools. The salary of a senior web developer in the UK is about £67K or $90,000 per annum.

Alipay Developers

Alipay developers

Alipay developers are in great demand nowadays due to the increasing influence of AliPay billing system not only in China, but all over the world. Alipay is China’s leading eWallet payment system. According to the Expanded Ramblings information, it has over 400 million registered users and 100 million active users that generated over $519 billion payment volume in the middle of 2014. It uses PHP as a core developing platform and powered by Java and dot net libraries for its API to integrate with many types of merchant websites based on all latest web development technologies. The demand of the Alipay developers is increasing very rapidly not only in China, but also across the globe. The average salary of an Alipay developer stands at about $96,000 per annum. You can hire Alipay developers from third party contractors at cheap rates via out-staffing.

PayLine Developers

Payline developers

PayLine is a payment processing gateway also known as the PayLine data gateway that handles and processes the eCommerce transactions through credit cards, phones, or eWallets. It supports more than 175 applications and plugins, which a Payline developer can install for different web platforms. A powerful API is also available for PayLine developers to integrate the customized eCommerce app into the gateway. The average salary of a PayLine developer is about $115,000 per annum as per Paysa statistics. The payline data gateway is getting great popularity across multiple domains of businesses. It is growing at about 2000% during 2016.

Cayan Developers

Cayan Developers

Cayan gateway uses many latest technologies in its payment processing system such as, near field communication (NFC), flexible API, EVM chip technology and others. It is an American payment processing company that supports multiple payment options such as, In-App payment, Mobile payment, contactless charging through mobile apps, credit card, EVM processing and others. The main programming platforms and technologies used in the API and other libraries include Java, C++ and embedded Linux, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and others. So, a cayan developer should have full command over these technologies for better cayan gateway integration. The demand of Cayan developers is increasing consistently as this payment gateway is growing very fast. After it has been acquired by Total Payment Solutions, the market value of this service will increase consistently.

A substantial increase in the online eCommerce billing software solutions is one of the important things that offer a wide range of billing combinations for eCommerce merchants. From paper billing and cash payments, we have reached to modern eWallet billing, web-based billing and virtual currency payments. There are many options that a payment developer can integrate into the online store payments to provide better customer experience. Among such combinations, a few most popular combinations of payment modes are listed below.

  • Credit or debit card and eWallet payments
  • Web based invoicing and email based invoices
  • Credit card, PayPal and eWallets

In terms of the type of billing combinations, we can use the popular combinations as listed below:

  • One-time billing & recurring billing
  • One-time billing & discounted bulk billing
  • Pay as you go and event based billing
  • Annual billing, Quarterly billing and subscription billing

Is 2Checkout Payment Process the Best Option?

2Checkout is extremely popular payment process around the world, thus we have dedicated a separate paragraph to this topic.

2Checkout payment gateway integration in PHP, Python, Java, Dot Net, Ruby on Rail and Node.JS can be done with simple procedural documents available online. The 2checkout developer needs to follow the procedures to integrate a standard format of API without using any additional computer codes. If you want to customize the payment API, you can integrate the desired code. The additional technologies the 2checkout payment gateway supports include:

  • Python, PHP, Ruby on Rail, Java and others
  • Supports full encryption and digital certifications
  • Support all PCI and other standards
  • Support for all popular shopping carts like WooCommerce, WordPress, Magento, SecureCart, AShop, Drupal, Tribulent, VirtuMart and many others
  • Multiple integration methods such as, Payment Open API, Standard Checkout and Inline Checkout
  • Supports devices based on Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Window mobile, and web based
  • International fraud prevention mechanism and security checks
technologies for 2checkout payment gateway

Skills and Technologies of 2Checkout Developer for Hire

2Checkout is an open API and supports multiple technologies as mentioned in the earlier section. Generally, the 2checkout payment gateway integration in PHP is common; so a 2checkout developer should have command over PHP language to customize the API interface. In addition to PHP language, a 2Checkout developer should also have good command over the Java, Python, .Net and other technologies that are required for integration of 2 Checkout API into different eCommerce websites. Knowledge of WooCommerce platform is also required for the integration of 2Checkout payment gateway for WooCommerce. Moreover, knowledge of different databases and eCommerce platforms, especially open source software platform is also necessary.

A good 2checkout developer should have the following skills:

  • Knowledge of 2checkout payment gateway for WooCommerce, WordPress, VirtueMart, Joomla and others
  • Knowledge of major computer programming languages like Python, Java, Ruby on Rail and others
  • Knowledge of major shopping carts available in the marketplace
  • Expertise in web development technologies like HTML5, CSS3, HTML, XML and others
  • Solution oriented approach to customer problems
  • Great interpersonal and general communication skills
  • Great experience of API integrations in different environment like Windows, Linux, and others
  • Knowledge of different plugins and libraries commonly used in gateway integration and web development
  • Knowledge of local eCommerce standards and regulations
  • Strong knowledge of web security and related strategies
  • Hands on experience with different JavaScript testing solutions like Mocha, Karma, SinonJS and others
  • Knowledge of version control systems
  • Excellent knowledge of JQuery and JavaScript
  • Should be team leader as well as a team player

Discover more about:

Best Ways to Hire Payment Gateway Developer

Payment developer is basically a full stack software developer experienced with the restful APIs of different payment gateways operating in the world. You can hire best payment developers through the following three ways.

  • Local payment developers. In this method, you choose software developers that are available in the local market. It is a dedicated form of recruitment, which is governed by local rules and regulations.
  • Freelance payment developers. You can hire freelance remote payment developers from freelancing websites. It is the cheapest way, but has many downsides like project risk, lack of reliability and availability of resources at the required time.
  • Dedicated payment developers. This type of recruiting is a good tradeoff between quality, reliability and cost. You can high quality dedicated resource for a certain job or time period at very affordable price. In this process, the third party contractor takes the ownership of completing the project as per agreement at affordable cost.

When seeking to integrate diverse payment options such as Alipay, Payline, Adyen, Gocardless, and Cayan into your platform, it’s crucial to hire payment app developers with expertise in each of these payment systems to ensure a seamless and versatile payment experience for your users. For businesses looking to diversify their payment options, hiring a Square developer is a strategic move, as explored in our article ‘Hire Payment Developers: Alipay, Payline, Adyen, Gocardless, Cayan’, highlighting their role in implementing efficient payment systems.

When it comes to expanding your capabilities to include payment developers skilled in platforms like Alipay, Payline, Adyen, Gocardless, or Cayan, it’s worth considering the formation of a virtual development team, a decision that hinges on the comparative benefits of IT outsourcing vs insourcing. You can outstaff your human resources to top-notch third party technical resource contractors like Mobilunity, which provides you with the high-quality Ukrainian payment developers at a very reasonable price.

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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