How to Find the Right Keywords

Sometimes keyword research could be a tough and challenging task even for highly experienced internet marketers. If you want to create successful online products and services, you need to focus on your keywords research not just once, but over and over again, to be able to create a competitive business opportunity for your niche. Let’s face it, even niche research starts from the keyword research.

So today, we will talk on how to do it properly.

Longtail Keywords

At Mobilunity we understand the difference between the types of keywords you can target and why those can make your profit or failure.

Nowadays the competition is fierce and trying to rank by highly competitive keywords is unreal goal. Only the combination of specific long tail and highly competitive keywords can bring a sale or conversion on your website. Almost 80% of organic traffic is generated by phrases that contain 4-,5- and even more words. Often the capacity of such keywords is very low or doesn’t have any search volume data in Google’s Keyword Tool, but the visitors that come to your website by such a keyword can be your real customers.

We have to aim only for certain long tail phrases, for ones that include:

  • best
  • top
  • latest
  • template(s)
  • review(s)
  • download(s)
  • sample(s)
  • tips

Yes, such keywords are not money makers, but people are searching them and looking for a solution to their problems. And here you are, you can help.



That’s why our next step will be using commercial keywords. These keywords are always leading to purchase. Profitable keywords are usually made up of your niche product or key term followed by money words like:

  • buy
  • discount
  • order
  • coupon
  • cheap
  • price
  • save
  • voucher
  • deal
  • delivery
  • promotion
  • trial
  • delivery
  • service(s)
  • help

For example: order disk delivery, food delivery singapore, buy clothes online and etc.

Where to find all these keywords?

Use Free Research Tools

Google Keyword Planner

Absolutely free and old trusted tool that allows you to find local and global search volumes for certain keywords. This tool was designed for PPC Adwords Campaign, so don’t pay much attention to the competition field. All we need to know is how many monthly searches these keywords have. Just type the most relevant to your business word or phrase in the field you see once landed at their start page

Want to know the best part?

You may enter your competitor and Google will show the list of keywords associated with that website.

Keyword Planner example

Answer the Public

Our favorite and one of the best keyword research tools, when it comes to search for longtail. Using this tool you can search any keyword, and it will show you the questions asked around your phrase in search engine.

Answer the public search example


Another great tool (also free) for keywords research. It has ability to pull suggestions from Google and other search engines and it expands upon each of keyword by combining them with other popular search terms.

Übersuggest search example


Explore Your Competitor

Another popular way to define your semantic core – look at your competitor. Check out the competition on Google’s first page and choose the best one. There are many tools that can help you with exploring competitors keywords. Our favorite is Ahrefs. As you can see we can define not only keywords here, but the source of promotion  which your competitors are using for linkbuilding, how they rank, for which keywords they pay and etc..   

Ahrefs overview example


Remember, sometimes static keywords tools return generalized or irrelevant results. So please, make sure keywords you find are right for your business.

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