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Pros and Cons of Hiring a Freelance ERP Developer

Enterprise resource planning systems (further down the line will be referred to as ERP) are created for the businesses to run their processes smoothly and provide a more organized mode for any department to connect within and make sure every job on the list is done aligning with all the requirements and satisfying the expectations. 

It does sound like running a company without operating ERP software, that fits the particular needs of a particular company, seems to be impossible. Honestly, it is. Since, monitoring all the workflow aspects manually with a pen and paper, or endless excel sheets will drain the energy and motivation to continue, not to mention the mess that will appear and rule each department. 

To ensure that ERP software is implemented right and owns the set of apps that suit the exact business needs, there must be a proficient specialist who can guide through the adaptation to the system and its adaptation to the business. 

Even if the in-house staff lacks one with solid expertise in the given area, and the time alongside resources may not permit seeking for long, then there are always options to optimize the employment experience. The Freelance option might resolve the issue. Hiring a trusted freelance ERP consultant, or a freelance ERP developer will ensure great quality of delivery at a far lower cost. 

Yet, let’s learn more about the ERP importance for business and the pros and cons of hiring a freelance specialist to back the development and implementation up successfully.

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General Overview of an ERP Development 

As it’s been pointed out above, businesses will benefit a lot from ERP implementation. Implementing ERP systems successfully will guarantee accurate automation and core business process coordination alongside proper functioning and results delivery. Automation contributes to creating a comprehensive image of what’s going on within each department and whether it is going right. 

Businesses have been utilizing various ERP software systems. The most popular among them are Oracle, Sap, Odoo, Sage, and, of course, MS Dynamics 365. Trying to implement one of those, will still require cooperating with a professional oracle erp consultant, a highly-skilled microsoft dynamics erp consultant, or a competent odoo consultant. These specialists will be able to transmit the companies’ requirements to the developers’ department the way the verbal expectations are accurately transformed into an excellent tech manifestation. 

ERP consultants and developers are very coveted by the companies that set their intentions on implementing the systems the way they fit the particular workflow precisely. Hitting the freelance environment to hire a freelance odoo developer, or a sap freelance consultant will help solve the problem of a staff shortage in the short term and affordable mode. 

There is a lot of consulting and development work behind excellent ERP functioning. Why is ERP development crucial for ERP implementation for businesses? A NetSuite developer, an SAP developer, or freelance odoo developers are expected to tailor ERP solutions that will match the needs of the particular industry. 

Also, a freelance oracle consultant, a freelance sap consultant, an MS Dynamics developer, or an odoo developer freelance, or whatever other specialists for the chosen system will contribute to successful deployment, steady customizations, and seamless migrations and integrations.

ERP development process generally looks the following way:

  • Providing developers with a clear picture of software structure expectations
  • Giving special attention to UI/UX design, since the ERP software includes a lot of user involvement and requires a lot of special navigation elements.
  • Proper tech stack choice (Angular, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Node, js, etc.)
  • Integrations (seamless third-party product combination with an ERP system)

Smart ERP consultancy and development deals with various complex challenges that might occur in the process of development and implementation of an effective ERP solution. Both a freelance odoo developer and a sap consultant freelance are sure to deliver quality that is not lower than of the one delivered by the in-house specialists. 

Benefits of Partnering with an ERP Consultant

Whether we talk about an oracle erp cloud consultant, a Sage consultant, or a microsoft erp consultant we mean to underline the importance of an ERP consultancy for ensuring the business with the system brings a huge relief to the process rather than more added stress. Proper ERP consulting does not end when the initial negotiation has taken place. It guides through the whole process of ERP implementation and further maintenance. Consultancy services do not only set the mode of how things will unfold and keep the budget in a cost-effective spending situation. 

ERP consulting specialists ensure uninterrupted guidance, provide an accurate technical overview, monitor the requirements completion, deliver testing, and resolve issues. By employing an ERP consultant the company prevents so many failing moments that stem from figuring things out on the company’s own ensuring that both the company and its clients achieve a unique successful experience from interacting with each other. 

The consultancy will make sure that Microsoft Dynamics developers, Odoo developers, or any other tech specialists are equipped with the relevant information concerning the expected outcomes and the whole development process leads to them.

The Difference Between Technical and Functional Consultants

ERP consulting specialists can assist the business in two tangent but quite different ways. Let’s see what the difference between technical and functional consultants is.

Technical Consultant Functional Consultant 
A specialist that works with all the tech aspects Minds the business aspect of consultancy
Computer systems design and implementationsOversees the tech side of the project from the reporting point of view
New programs installation and configurationData analysis for the system performance and efficiency improvement
New functionalities development to enhance the systemBudget management and cost-efficiency delivery
Customizations buildingMonitors the latest trends to implement
Troubleshooting and problems resolvingDelivers business insights they way programmers can transform them into tech representation

Therefore, when seeing the experts that go under the title oracle erp technical consultant and a functional consultant erp oracle, it is critical to distinguish between the duties and values they can deliver from each expertise perspective. 

Brief Overview of Oracle ERP Consulting Services 

Choosing an Oracle ERP system for the business to handle the processes requires thorough guidance and support. An Oracle ERP consultant will make this implementation smooth and flawless. 

Hiring an Oracle ERP consultant will deliver the following:

  • Implementation services
  • Assessment services
  • Managed services
  • Special projects services
  • Business cohesion and disaster recovery solution services
  • ERP upgrade services
  • ERP support and maintenance services

Oracle ERP software has rich functionality for businesses to monitor a routine workflow immaculately, yet each business has its particular needs to be satisfied by the features existing or about to be developed. Oracle ERP consultants help to bring clarity and build the best solution to save time and money for the client. 

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SAP ERP Consulting Services

Hiring an SAP ERP consultant (consultant freelance sap including) ensures the appropriate choice of accurate solutions for any task that the company has to accomplish within various departments offering the most suitable implementation blueprint. 

Here are the services that the SAP ERP consultant may deliver:

  • Management improvement services (clients, sales management, invoicing, etc.)
  • Supply management services
  • Planning management services (demand and production planning)
  • Quality control management.
  • Financial management services
  • Cost-efficiency management
  • Reporting management

Seamless SAP ERP implementation combines perfect cooperation of consultancy and development. Yet the development is virtually impossible without an expert who learns through all the business specifics of the client, defines and summarizes the needs to cover, and communicates it to the development team.

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Odoo ERP Consulting Services

Sure thing, before the company decides to hire Odoo developers to work on Odoo ERP implementation, firstly the company is advised to use consulting services, to ensure that every individual need of each department’s workflow is covered precisely.

When utilizing Odoo ERP consulting services, be it through an odoo freelance, odoo outsource, or any other convenient employment model, the company gets assistance in the following:

  • A thorough analysis of all the requirements 
  • Mapping development for the individual needs
  • Proper documentation and reporting
  • Quality control management
  • Smart customization 
  • Seamless integration

An experienced specialist who knows the platform extremely well is always a reasonable and resourceful decision for companies who respect their clients, time, and budget.

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Sage ERP Consulting Services

Sage ERP consultant, sage 100 erp consultant, and sage 300 erp consultant are the specialists who will provide businesses with appropriate assistance when it comes to Sage ERP implementation for companies who are willing to maximize and enhance their marketing potential.

Sage ERP consulting services are unfolded through the following:

  • Profound requirements analysis
  • Blueprint development
  • Accurate reporting
  • Quality assurance
  • Constant maintenance and support
  • Move from the older systems
  • Constant upgrades and new installations

ERP projects are not easy to figure through without expected competence and experience. Consulting area is definitely not the area to save money on and get a 3 min tutorial from YouTube.

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MS Dynamics ERP Consulting Services

Microsoft NAV ERP consultant and MS dynamics 365 consulting specialist are essential for the business to cooperate when implementing the MS Dynamics ERP software for the business. Quite an intricate complexity of the system requires comprehensive guidance through the functionality. This way the company will have a chance to benefit from the service fully, without paying extra for features that have no practical use for the industry’s needs.

Here is the general overview of the benefits that the company gets when opts for close cooperation with MS Dynamics ERP consulting assistance:

  • A well-created comprehensive strategy for planning, completing and managing the project development cycle
  • Choosing the right Microsoft ERP implementation mode
  • Training for the seamless transition from the implementation part to the completion
  • Constant customers support
  • Tailoring customized cloud solutions
  • Constant upgrades installations for Dynamics 365 NAV and ERP

Microsoft ERP solutions offer a plethora of features to improve business functioning and upgrade it to a much higher competitive level. Partnering with a consulting MS ERP software specialist is key to achieving expected outcomes with smart resource allocation and little stress added.

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Hiring a Freelancer vs Hiring a Part-Time ERP Consultant Through an Outstaffing Agency

The importance of the ERP consulting and development specialists have been manifested already, big-time branching from the beneficial importance of ERP systems for business. Yet, it does not mean that the company must immediately expand the staffing department by hiring new teams on an in-house basis, especially when the current resource situation does not permit it. 

There are so many various possibilities to augment the staffing potential. Freelance has been mentioned as one of the proven ways to hire decent specialists who will demonstrate quite an exclusive devotion to the job, earning a good profile name. Certainly, there are drawbacks to the model, since it does require a thorough search and candidate vetting, since sometimes the profile description does not match the potential of the specialist. Also, the freelance platform choice is critical, since it is important to go with those that offer reliable and proven experts in the area. If you miss out on some significant detail, there is a chance to fail a huge bulk of the project and lose a big bulk of the budget. 

In such cases, it is always reasonable to partner with an outstaffing agency provider, who may offer flexibility and cost-friendly terms exactly as the freelance model is believed to do. Plus, the process will go under the aegis of the reliability and dedication that the high-profile staffing agency provides.

The table below brings more light on the pros and cons of dealing with each model.

Freelance ERP ConsultantERP consultant through outstaffing agency
MoneyThe financial aspect varies a lot. It is no longer about much lower costs, more like “somehow lower”. Since, the freelance platforms get filled with not only beginners but highly-qualified experts, who own solid expertise and do not feel like selling themselves short.
The services are also not free of charge, yet it is possible to negotiate a convenient transparency and convenient mode of payments for every bit of the work delivered.
CompetenceThe company must do a lot of ground-check work before hiring a candidate.The outstaffing agency already offers high-quality specialists that need no extra checking. 
Reliability extentVery low legal involvement might influence the reliability of the work being done.Reliable providers have the dedication and following the contract part by default.
Quality AssuranceFreelance specialists are very enthusiastic to complete as many tasks as possible, especially simultaneously and for different customers. This may result in delivering the outcomes with a quality lower than expected.A team or a specialist is assigned to the task and is sure to devote all his time and attention to it. the quality boosts.
Security Data security is hard to guarantee (low legal control).Strict security policies.

The experience of hiring a specialist by using both models will strongly depend on the background, successful cases, and customers’ reviews. Since both of the models can show strong and weak sides while partnering.

ERP Consultant Pricing in Different Countries

Whatever hiring model is chosen, the business knows already that the quality costs money, sometimes bigger than expected. Sure, the return on investments will exceed the money spent, when the ERP implementation is done right. However, even with an understanding of that, the companies might not possess a huge budget for the extra specialists to add to the project. 

The solution will be to get exposed to the global market of specialists. So many experts are around the globe and the remote way of working allows connecting with those whose expertise will suit the business needs best and ask for a fair and affordable price to pay. It will be possible to afford a microsoft dynamics erp consultant salary, oracle erp consultant salary, or a microsoft d365 consultant salary to pay without exhausting the company’s wallet.


*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

The table shows that Ukraine seems to be quite a region to hire specialists from, salary-wise. Yet it is not only salary numbers that make this location attractive to work with. So many international businesses have already experienced strong IT expertise, greatly developed infrastructure, and constantly upgrading specialists with an extraordinary vision of things to be done, both business and tech-wise, cherishing and sharing western values in communication and work.

Mobilunity is a Reliable Provider of ERP Consulting in Ukraine

Considering an outstaffing agency in Ukraine to provide excellent ERP consulting and development services, the businesses might want to shift their attention to Mobilunity. Mobilunity is a Ukrainian services provider that has gained a trustworthy reputation on the international market, supplying businesses all over the world with unique tech and business talents alongside immaculate services.

10+ of outstanding experience with more than 40 clients in various countries (i-doit, XPLG, Zenchef, Paidy, Camptocamp, BYG-E, and ICUC can prove the excellence of the services provided), and a talent pool with more than 200,000 specialists entice the businesses into long-term and loyal cooperation, tackling any challenges and solving issues, helping the companies to grow, maximize, and beat the competition politely with the latest upgrades and novelties implementations.


If the company gets the importance of ERP solutions implementations, then it also gets the importance of consulting and having talented developers on the team. To make sure everything works properly from the first attempt, there must be excellent ERP expertise representatives, who will ask for reasonable money to pay. Yet, if partnering with professionals from the business and tech regions where the expert levels are high, and the compensations are low, then the businesses get the chance to benefit from the latest technologies implementations saving time and money for other business cores.

Are you in need of a reliable freelance ERP consultant to secure your business workflow undisrupted functioning? Get in touch with us!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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