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The Most Popular Odoo Integrations

In the past ten years, incorporating technology means has become a priority for many industries. The need of using different systems and subsystems components to provide a functional result leaded to the apparition of what we know now, as System Integration. Among many innovative solutions, Odoo integration remain the most popular for mainly its maturity. OpenERP Odoo is an open source ERP system that covers all the functions of a general-purpose ERP and makes it possible to cover the specific needs of the customers thanks to the flexibility and the power of its object-oriented framework. It combines the power of a publisher and a large community, including its integrators around the world, who work on different use cases and provides valuable feedback, especially in the form of reusable modules. However, the need of some particular tasks remain not affordable since Odoo does not cover all customersā€™ requirements. For example, in telecommunications, Odoo lacks many features. Yet, ERP developers are working to fill in the noticed gap by creating innovative connectors between Odoo and other systems. For VOIP and call center industries, Coovox Odoo integration and Odoo Avaya integration are likely the latest projects integrators are working on.

Overview Of Popular Odoo Integrations

From Odoo CRM to Odoo VOIP, it is possible now to integrate almost any system using Odoo connectors and customizable modules. Here are some of the most popular Odoo integrations. When it comes to integrating Odoo, businesses can leverage the expertise of a jQuery programmer and hire a WordPress developer freelance to create seamless and customized connections that enhance the functionality and user experience of their Odoo implementations.

Edi Software Odoo Erp Integration

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) refers to peer-to-peer exchange of business documents using a standard electronic format between business partners. By integrating EDI with Odoo, business partners will perform their exchange using tow platforms, communicating between each other using compatibility modules and connectors. In fact, the exchange of EDI documents occurs between two different companies playing respectively the role of a buyer and a seller. The buyer will be using Odoo to make orders and track them, while the seller will use EDI to send invoices and confirm the orders.

Odoo Active Directory Integration

IT systems can also benefit from an extra management by integrating them with Odoo. Operations like monitoring users and resources, accounting the IT patrimony, evaluating the performances can be considered. IT specialists are encouraging the Open Source and proprietary alliance; this is why projects are being developed and deployed. Active Directory and Odoo integration is one of them. Active Directory is a directory service often bundled with Microsoft Windows Server operating systems

Odoo Community 10 OpenOffice Integration

Open Office is an open source solution dedicated for word processing, presentations, spreadsheets,databases, graphics, ā€¦ Users can take benefit from it on all kinds of computers and can find it in many languages. It is now possible to improve reports design using Odoo Openoffice integration. This made it easy for Openoffice community to benefit from the creative studio offered by Odoo (especially Odoo11) and work on customized patterns.

Odoo Github Integration

GitHub is considered as the perfect platform to share code and work collaboratively on private and open source software. Odoo community uses it to develop modules, add-ons and connectors for Odoo and other systems integration. However, developers created solutions to link between Odoo and Github, so it will be easy for them to code, alter, demonstrate directly on Odoo. Tasks Github Integration is one of them.

Odoo Jasper Integration

Jasper is an open source reporting engine written in Java designed Ā to use the coming Ā data from all data sources to create documents that can be illustrated, printed or exported in a number of document formats such as: Word, Excel, Open Office, PDF,Open source ERP PHP and HTML. Sometimes, due to some managerial purposes, companies need to synchronize their internal and external Odoo users with Jasper and be able to login with those users into Jasper server.

Odoo NetSuite Integration

NetSuite is solution dedicated for both small and great businesses in terms of system integration. You can find it in the form of four products: NetSuite Commerce, NetSuite PSA, NetSuite ERP and NetSuite CRM. However, some businesses require to synchronize their customers and collaborators that use different integration solutions like Odoo. In this regards compatibility modules has been developed and shared in form of open source software.

Zendesk Odoo Integration

Zendesk is is customer service software featuring an email ticketing system for a good standard customer experience. Zodoo, is the result of integrating Odoo and Zendesk. What this kind of integration does is creating a strong and direct link between Zendesk users and Odoo customers. In other terms, this integration recuperate sales information from Odoo to Zendesk . By This, collaborators will review sales orders on Zendesk without the need of looking for data on Odoo and take adequate actions.

Coovox Odoo Integration

Coovox is a Unified Communications solution that provides Voip services with collaborations tools such as Instant messaging, conferencing and videoconferencing. Integrating Coovox with Odoo will lead to a centralized monitoring of users and their collaboration devices. This kind of integration is not mature yet, but lots of efforts are being deployed to succeed this integration.

Avaya Odoo Integration

Avaya is a world leading unified communications and collaboration services company. Known the most in the call center niche, developers try their best to integrate Odoo with Avaya. This kind of integration will guarantee a good monitoring of users.

Odoo Integrations vs Others

The following table compares between Odoo integrations and some other integration solutions found in the market:

Where to Find Odoo Integration Developers?

Odoo developers are not always easy to find but there is a big chance to find them on Odoo partners website. Outstaffing firms, like Mobilunity, can gather dedicated remote Odoo developers; with a good understanding of System Integrations and help companies reach out their goals. Another way to find them is to have a few connections in LinkedIn who knows Odoo, generally OpenSource ERP or Odoo Integration consultants, so that a recruiter can build a better network to find more candidates. Also Mobilunity offers eCommerce web development services and is glad to provide you with the talents you need. If you are looking for a dedicated developer and seeking a high efficiency in a very competitive market, this is the right address.

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