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Five Insights of Nearshoring

5 insights that (probably) work alike in else industries but definitely are valid in Nearshoring:

  • Number of candidates vetted for the position does not directly correlate with quality of the hire. May you deny 20 candidates or 3, before accepting someone for the role in your project, chances you will restart the search again in 3 months are equal.
  • Undercutting the candidate in their wage expectation works only if you are really ready to lose the candidate (ie, you are VERY hesitant and you are only ready to give it a try if the formal cost is 20% lower, and you see both you and the candidate are willing for the Thing to work out, for you to accept the candidate in full extend, and for the candidate to get initial level of expected pay).
  • Soft skills, ease of talk, candidate’s DNA so to say are no less same important as the hard skills. Companies sacrificing “gut feeling” on how pleasant and comfortable communication will be with the specific candidate, always raise the chances of failure during the probation period, at least 2x. Teaching your Nearshoring vendor your DNA framework would have saved you not only time but would also empower your successful hires rate.
  • Testing the candidate for things that one will not be doing day to day leads to two major risks: first, you cut off those who would have coped with the job (that you do not test for), and second, the candidate’s expectations would be one’s test assignment would be definitive to one’s daily routine. Mismatched expectations always lead to retention problems.
  • Properly planned onboarding serves few key goals, among them – reaching point of efficiency faster, and also – ability to shrink your candidate’s probation period – as you would know whether one is a fit to you way faster than it would happen without onboarding plan put in place.

Happy Nearshoring to you!

Cyril Samovskiy
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