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Should Your Nearshore Development Team Be Working from Office These Days?

If you are limited with the price, your deadlines are put and you are searching for a very specific (high) level of skills – please please please with the sugar on top – do not insist your nearshore development team be working from office these days. I claim it is a bad idea in Ukraine now.

We had numerous cases this year specifically when the potential clients were very straightforward the need for office presence was a deal-breaker for them. It only took time for them to agree on their expectations adjustment. Or, they went to else companies for else model – as on dedicated dev teams this would have worked the same way with any vendor!

I have my logic here, and if one does not sound rational – please provide yours:
if you are not willing to sacrifice your business goals by extending any of the above-mentioned criteria (price, quality, speed), what happens when you add one more – essential office presence?

You simply add one more filter, and you cut the results from N to N/10, if researches show 90% of English-speaking software engineers now prefer work remotely or in hybrid mode with a way bigger shift to “remote” part of that hybrid.

You need a team, you have a budget and terms for its expected delivery. So instead of cutting your candidates funnel further, drying it to 10% of what you could have (on today’s hot market!), maybe think about remote (and on-site) staff ongoing performance assessment? The one that would let your tech management team judge whether or not remote/onsite expensive/cheap slow/fast team member does well or not. And, when COVID is gone – you think gain on how to adjust further, and whether to make an effort of bringing your remote team to the office premises permanently, or not?

We all compete for the best talent now. Having our own unique restrictions at hand. So to things that mattered before:

a. technology stack
b. software development process
c. product domain
d. team structure
e. compensation and benefits
now adds a new fken
f. ability to work remote

Take this F off, and be sure your A..E are just above the benchmark. As if not, you won’t have success in recruiting on our market (now).

Come up with FFFFFFlexible recruiting strategy and enjoy seeing your recruiting team smiling that nice :)

Happy Hunting to everyone who is recruiting in Ukraine now!

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