When It Comes to the Phrase “IT Nearshoring”, What Country Pops to Your Mind First?

Poland? Mexico? Vietnam? Ukraine? Estonia? Bulgaria? Egypt? Portugal?

I went through Dorit Sallis interview now, her take on Eastern Europe region, and I thought how come the Nearshoring term is that much used, yet to different people one has very much georgraphically-diversed meaning?
What makes one country more and less attractive to potential clients than others, and what are the driving factors on actually choosing that country?

During presale talks, we often compare ourselves (and our country) to Poland (for EU clients), Bulgaria (often to Israeli clients) and Vietnam (to Japanese clients of ours). We claim Ukraine’s advantages may be the following:

  • lower brain drain (due to EU legislative constraints on migration)
  • high level of engineering
  • lower total cost of team ownership
  • high agility

Often though, I convince my leads NOT to go Ukraine with the project they have, just due to experiences we faced in the past. Def worth of another post, soon :)

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