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Why Corporate Culture is Essential?

Being my attentive reader (oh yeah i know you are!) you already know that in #Nearshoring the teams retention is always and unconditionally a result of work (or lack of work) from two sides: the Vendor and the Client.
And, it is my confident point of view, the Client holds 51% of retention duty, sometimes unfortunately to us :) Some of our great clients agree on that, see one of the 2-min videos on this matter: https://lnkd.in/d7G3B8qQ

At the team meeting today, one of our Swiss clients was featured for some 5 minutes speech by Eliza Kravchenko. Why is that? It was showcased how remarkable the Client’s approach is in retaining their employees. To add more, we also recalled the managers on the Client’s side are caring not only of their current team but also of the team members that were part of the Client’s success in past, and who do not work on the project anymore. Yet, in every tiny conversation about the staff, about its retention and well-being, we hear a genuine care about our People working (now or ever in past) with this client of ours.
I am certain the Corporate Culture is not about swag on a day 1. The Corporate Culture is an extension of a mindset of the Company’s leadership. If it is the Company’s DNA to be caring about their People, you may expect the same to be towards their Clients, to their Partners, to their Success. And I respect it a lot.

This client’s case study: https://lnkd.in/d-NtizUq

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